Disaster Research 248

February 16, 1998

Table of contents

  1. Ever More Internet Resources
  2. Custom News Available from NCEER: http://nceer.eng.buffalo.edu/enews
  3. Help Wanted: Emergency Manager, University of Colorado-Boulder
  4. Help Wanted: NCEER Deputy Director
  5. International Joint Commission Seeks Comments on Red River Basin Flood Report and Plan
  6. Upcoming EIIP On-Line Events
  7. Training for Care of Animals in Disasters
  8. Conferences and Training

Ever More Internet Resources

These are some of the latest Internet resources we've discovered. For a list of selected Internet/Web sites dealing with hazards/disaster management, see http://www.colorado.edu/hazards/sites/sites.html.

The Risk Prediction Initiative (RPI) is a research and educational program within the Atlantic Global Change Institute (AGCI) of the Bermuda Biological Station for Research. Its overall goal is to bring the international science and business communities closer together. Initially, RPI is concentrating on insurance and reinsurance on the business side and climate research on the science side, because the insurance industry is affected at all levels by climate variability and extremes, and because the international science community is becoming more and more capable of realistic climate forecasts for some parts of the climate system.

The RPI Web site includes background information about the initiative; frequently asked questions about the reinsurance industry; explanations of climate processes; forecasts of ENSO events, hurricanes, and climate change; a climate and hazard bibliography; and, of particular note, a recently published document entitled, "Tropical Cyclones and Climate Variability: A Research Agenda for the Next Century." A short booklet summarizing this latter publication and additional information about RPI is available from the Risk Prediction Initiative, Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Ferry Reach GE 01, Bermuda; tel: (441) 297-1880; fax: (441) 297-2890; e-mail: rpimail@bbsr.edu.

The University and College Emergency Planning List (EMERG-UNIV) is an e-mail discussion list for persons concerned about emergency planning and management at institutions of higher education. By simply sending a note to the list address - emerg-univ@julian.uwo.ca - anyone can communicate with peers involved in campus emergency planning. This is a manual process, not controlled by listserve software. The list managers ask that anyone participating please post an introduction note when subscribing; to subscribe, simply send a note to emerg-univ-request@julian.uwo.ca, with the subject: "subscribe," and a short note stating your full name and signature information in the body of the message. Complete details about this new campus emergency management list are available from http://www.uwo.ca/emerg/list.html.

The new Fort Collins, Colorado, emergency preparedness Web site could serve as a model for any local emergency office site. It includes information about current events and developments, emergency preparedness generally, the development of a family disaster plan, all the various local hazards, and current local weather. It provides many useful Internet links and a concise bibliography on local hazards and disasters. In addition, it has information on the July 1997 flash flood that caused extensive damage to Colorado State University and the surrounding community.

The Disaster Center Web site is a ganglion of Web links, bulletin boards, and forums of all kinds dealing with disasters. Its Webmaster recently announced that he had uploaded over 83 bulletin boards - one for every state plus special boards for disaster-related topics - and invited interested persons to post messages as appropriate, including notices of upcoming events, training, and related items.

The Latin American Network for the Earth Sciences invites interested persons to join their bulletin board, through which you may reach the earth science community of Latin America. To join, send the message "subscribe relact-list" to majordomo@tlacaelel.igeofcu. unam.mx. To send a message to all members, use the address relact-list@tlacaelel.igeofcu.unam.mx. Finally, The network's Web page is now available at http://tlacaelel.igeofcu.unam.mx/~relact/.

Custom News Available from NCEER: http://nceer.eng.buffalo.edu/enews

The National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (NCEER) Information Service recently added "Express News" (ENews) to the NCEER Web site. ENews is a customized electronic service that, based on a reader's self-defined interest profile, alerts readers to earthquake/hazards information selected from the most recent issue of the service's newsletter, "NCEER Information Service News." ENews will provide e-mail notification when the latest newsletter is posted on the Web; present a list of article titles, publications, and meetings from the newsletter that pertain to the reader's interests; and create and update a personal ENews Web page for each subscriber. The ENews personal page will contain the full text of the selected news items. Persons with questions or comments on this new service should e-mail the NCEER Webmaster, Michael Kukla at nceeris@acsu.buffalo.edu. To subscribe to ENews, just go to the Web address above.

Help Wanted: Emergency Manager, University of Colorado-Boulder

Open Competitive - Position Exam
ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIST III H1A4XX, Position #07847, Paygrade 97 ($3463), 2/98 tcr.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree in business administration, public administration, behavioral science or a closely related field and three years of professional experience in program management of emergency preparedness and business recovery procedures in an academic or institutional setting, or a governmental agency.
SPECIAL NECESSARY REQUIREMENTS: Must be a Colorado resident. Must possess a valid State of Colorado driver's license. Must successfully pass a background check.
CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: This position is on on-call status and incumbent must wear a pager at all times.
HIGHLY DESIRABLE: Certification by the National Coordinating Council on Emergency Management.
SUBSTITUTION: Work experience as described above which provided the same kind, amount, and level of knowledge acquired in the required education may be substituted on a year-for-year basis for the bachelor's degree. This is an essential services position and is required to be on duty to perform essential and/or emergency services of the agency without delay and/or interruption.
NOTE: A transcript copy must be submitted by application deadline if college coursework is used to meet minimum requirements. Must submit a State of Colorado Application Form B.
EXAM SCHEDULE: Applicants will be notified by U.S. Mail of time, date, place, and type of examination required. MUST APPLY BY FEBRUARY 25, 1998.
NATURE OF WORK: Position will facilitate the development, coordination and implementation of emergency preparedness and business recovery activities within the university community (academic departments, administration and business support services). Also, will facilitate the coordination of the University's response and preparedness plan with Boulder County agencies and other governmental agencies.

Additional information is available from http://www.colorado.edu/HumRes/Staffpers.

Help Wanted: NCEER Deputy Director

The National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (NCEER) is searching for a deputy director. The focus of the center is the development of advanced technologies for earthquake loss reduction. The deputy director will be a full-time tenured faculty member in the Department of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY-Buffalo). The deputy director will develop and coordinate research projects and technical activities in interdisciplinary areas of engineering and science. She or he is also expected to teach related courses at graduate and undergraduate levels. For a full job description and additional information, contact: Prof. G.C. Lee, Director, NCEER, Chair of the Search Committee, or Prof. A.M. Reinhorn, Chair, Department of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering, SUNY-Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260; e-mail: reinhorn@civil.eng.buffalo.edu; WWW: http://www.civil.buffalo.edu.

International Joint Commission Seeks Comments on Red River Basin Flood Report and Plan

In a December 1997 interim report, "Red River Flooding: Short-Term Measures," to the governments of Canada and U.S., the International Joint Commission (IJC), a binational Canada-U.S. organization that assists the governments in managing waters shared by the two countries, made 40 recommendations for short-term measures to ensure better preparedness for potential flooding in the next two years. The commission is seeking written comments on the recommendations and on a draft plan of study for the remaining work of the task force. Comments should be sent by February 27 to either the IJC Canadian Section, 100 Metcalfe Street, 18th Floor, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5M1, Canada; fax: (613) 993-5583; e-mail: trippg@achilles.net - or - IJC U.S. Section, 1250 23rd Street, N.W., Suite 100, Washington, DC 20440; fax: (202) 736-9015; e-mail: bevacquaf@ijc.org.inter.net.

The complete text of the two interim reports is available on the IJC's Web site: http://www.ijc.org, or from the commission's offices.

Upcoming EIIP On-Line Events

The Emergency Information Infrastructure Partnership (EIIP) is scheduling more and more on-line discussions covering virtually all aspects of emergency management. The partnership's goal is to enable emergency managers anywhere to participate in discussions on cutting edge issues and to learn about the latest advances in the discipline. The one-hour events take place on Wednesday at noon eastern time. Persons interested in participating should login to http://www.emforum.org/vforum/formchat.htm. Upcoming discussions include:

February 18 - EIIP Panel Room
A panel of experts will continue this quarter's discussion on mitigation with an expanded discussion of "Project Impact: What's the Impact for State and Local Programs?"

February 25 - Technology Area
Albert Slap, Marketing Director, GeoSphere Emergency Response Systems, demonstrates "PlantSafe" software that uses artificial intelligence.

For details and background material on these discussions, please see the EIIP Virtual Forum Web site - http://www.emforum.org - prior to the talks. In addition, edited and unedited versions of the transcripts of these discussions are also available from the site. For additional information, contact Avagene Moore, CEM, EIIP Coordinator at amoore@emforum.org.

Training for Care of Animals in Disasters

[The following information recently appeared on America Online's city and county emergency management coordinators' discussion list - EMERGENCY-MANAGEMENT@ZIPCODE1.OFFICE.AOL.COM]

         Training For The Care Of Animals in Disasters
         Tentative UAN-EARS training schedule for 1998

Feb 28---------Houston, TX
Mar 7----------Reno, NV
Mar 21---------Lebanon, TN  (Nashville area)
Apr 18---------Buena Park, CA (Southern CA area)
Apr 25---------Anchorage, Alaska
May 16---------Tampa, FL
May 30---------Bloomington, MN  (Minneapolis area)
Jun 6----------Seattle, WA
Jul 18---------Portsmouth, NH
Jul 25---------Baltimore, MD
Aug 8----------Kansas City,  MO
Sep 26---------Detroit, MI
Oct 3----------Denver, CO
Oct 17---------New Orleans, LA
Oct 24---------St. Louis, MO
Nov 7----------Philadelphia, PA
For further information, contact: United Animal Nations, P.O. Box 188890, Sacramento, CA 95818; (916) 429-2457. (Source - United Animal Nations Journal, Winter 1998)

Conferences and Training

Second Annual Cold Water/Ice Rescue Conference. Sponsors: Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and others. Natick, Massachusetts: February 21, 1998. Contact: Helen Rapport; (508) 820-1425.

PPP 2000 Forum #4: "National Lessons from the Development and Implementation of the California Earthquake Loss Reduction Plan 1997- 2001." Washington, D.C.: February 23, 1998. For more information on this forum or the PPP 2000 project generally, contact: Matthew Gentile, Institute for Business and Home Safety, 73 Tremont Street, Suite 510, Boston, MA 02108-3910; (617) 722-0200, ext. 208; fax: (617) 722-0202; e-mail: mgentile@ibhs.org; WWW: http://www.ibhs.org.

Business and Industry Council for Emergency Planning and Preparedness (BICEPP) Earthquake Campaign Planning '98 Workshop. Los Angeles, California: February 26, 1998. Contact: BICEPP, c/o ARCO Corporate Office Safety and Emergency Planning, 515 South Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071-2201.

National Coordinating Council on Emergency Management (NCCEM) Mid-Year Meeting. Emmitsburg, Maryland: March 14-17, 1998. Contact: NCCEM, 111 Park Place, Falls Church, VA 22046-4513; (703) 538-1795; fax: (703) 241-5603; e-mail: nccem@aol.com.

Critical Incident Stress Management Workshops. Offered by: International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) and Permian Basin CISM Team. Midland, Texas: March 19-22, 1998. Contact: ICISF, 10176 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 201, Ellicott City, MD 21042; (410) 750-9600; fax: (410) 750-9601.

Lessons from the 1997 Colorado State University Flood: Emergency Preparedness at Colleges and Universities. Colorado Springs, Colorado: March 20, 1998. Contact: Eve Gruntfest, Department of Geography, 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, P.O. Box 7150, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7150; e-mail: ecg@mail.uccs.edu; WWW: http://www.uccs.edu/~geogenvs/conference.html.

INTER COMM 98. Toronto, Canada: March 30-April 2, 1998. Includes numerous sessions on various aspects of the use of Intranets and the Internet in emergency management. Contact: Gregg Linde, Conference Manager, INTER COMM 98, 685 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062; (781) 769-9750, ext 2813; fax: (781) 255-9211.

Watershed Management: Moving from Theory to Implementation. Sponsor: Water Environment Federation (WEF). Denver, Colorado: May 3-8, 1998. Abstracts due June 16, 1997. Contact: WEF, 601 Wythe Street, Alexandria, VA 22314; 1-800-666-0206 - or - (703) 684-2400; e-mail: confinfo@wef.org.

"Women in Disasters: Exploring the Issues" - Seminar for Practitioners and Women's Services. Sponsor: Justice Institute of British Columbia. New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada: May 5-6 1998. Contact: Ross McIntyre, (604) 528-5793 - or - Elaine Enarson, Visiting Scholar, Disaster Preparedness Resources Centre, University of British Columbia, 4225 Glenhaven Crescent, North Vancouver, BC, Canada V7G 1B8; (604) 929-6062; fax: (604) 929-4535; e-mail: enarson@unixg.ubc.ca.

1998 Wisconsin Emergency Management Association Annual Meeting. Keshena, Wisconsin: May 20-21, 1998. Contact: Wisconsin Emergency Management, P.O. Box 7865, 2400 Wright Street, Madison, WI 53707-7865.

American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) 26th Annual Meeting: "Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery." Arlington, Virginia: June 1-7, 1998. Contact: AIC, 1717 K Street, N.W., Suite 301, Washington, DC 20006; (202) 452-9545; fax: (202) 452-9328; e-mail: infoaic@aol.com; WWW: http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/aic/.

Space Technologies for Disaster Mitigation and Global Health. Sponsor: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - United States of America (IEEE-USA). Washington, D.C.: June 2-3, 1998. Contact: Bernadette Concepcion, IEEE-USA, 1828 L Street, N.W., Suite 1202 Washington, DC 20036-5104; (202) 785-0017, ext. 335; fax: (202) 785- 0835 e-mail: b.concepcion@ieee.org; WWW: http://www.ieee.org/usab/CONFERENCES/techpol98.html.

GCIP Mississippi River Climate Conference. Sponsors: The GEWEX Continental-Scale International Project (GCIP), together with the NOAA Office of Global Programs, the Department of Energy, the American Geophysical Union, and the American Meteorological Society. St. Louis, Missouri: June 8-12, 1998. Papers are being invited from scientists doing work in hydrology, meteorology, climatology, water resource and agricultural applications, paleoclimatology, remote sensing and GIS applications with a focus or relevance to the Mississippi River Basin. One conference focus is societal and environmental responses to climate variability and predictions. For details, see http://www.ogp.noaa.gov/gcip/miss/missceleb.html. Please submit abstracts electronically via http://www.ogp.noaa.gov/gcip/miss/CALL4PAPR.html, or by following the alternate submission procedures listed on the home page. Questions may also be directed to Rick Lawford, NOAA Office of Global Programs, Silver Spring, MD; lawford@ogp.noaa.gov - or - John Roads, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, San Diego, CA
jroads@ucsd.edu - or - Eric Wood, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ;

Intergovernmental Conference on Emergency Telecommunications (ICET- 98). Sponsors: Government of Finland and others. Tampere, Finland: June 16-18, 1998. This conference is expected to adopt a "Convention on the Provision of Telecommunication Resources for Disaster Mitiga- tion and Relief Operations" - a follow-up to the Tampere Declaration of 1991. The complete text of the proposed document is available at http://www.unog.ch/freq. Contact: Secretariat of the Working Group on Emergency Telecommunications, United Nations (OCHA), Palais des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland; tel: (41 22) 917-1455/3516; fax: (41 22) 917-0208/0023; e-mail: goli.farrell@itu.int; WWW: http://www.itu.int/newsroom/projects/ICET/index.html.

Western United States Earthquake Insurance Summit. Sponsors: Western States Seismic Policy Council (WSSPC) and Council of State Governments-West. Sacramento, California: June 25-26, 1998. Contact: WSSPC, 121 Second Street, Fourth Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105; (415) 974-6435; fax: (415) 974-1747; e-mail: wsspc@wsspc.org.

Second Annual Search and Rescue/Disaster Response Conference and Expo - SR/DR 98. Nashville, Tennessee: June 25-28, 1998. Contact SR/DR 98, 2413 West Algonquin Road, Suite 411, Algonquin, IL 60102; (888) 633-6674; fax: (847) 458-0421; e-mail: support@srdr.com; WWW: http://srdr.com.

Summer Colloquium on Hurricanes at Landfall. Offered by: The Advanced Study Program and Mesoscale, Microscale Meteorology Division of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), and the Hurricane Research Division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Boulder, Colorado, and Miami, Florida: July 13- 24, 1998. Applications are due March 16. Contact: Barbara Hansford, Advanced Study Program, National Center for Atmospheric Research, P.O. Box 3000, Boulder, CO 80307-3000; e-mail: barbm@ucar.edu.

Multihazard Building Design Summer Institute. Offered by: Federal Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Management Institute (EMI). Emmitsburg, Maryland: July 27-31 (flood and wind mitigation) and August 3-7 (earthquake mitigation and fire safety), 1998. Contact: Joseph K. Bills, EMI, 16825 South Seton Avenue, Emmitsburg, MD 21727; (301) 447-1356; e-mail: joe.bills@fema.gov; WWW: http://www.fema.gov/emi/mbdsi3.htm.

American Public Works Association (APWA) Annual Congress and Exposition. Las Vegas, Nevada: September 14-17, 1998. Including several sessions on emergency management. Contact APWA, 2345 Grand Boulevard, Suite 500, Kansas City, MO 64108-2625; (816) 472-6100; fax: (816) 472-1610; e-mail: apwa@mail.pubworks.org; WWW: http://www.pubworks.org.

Western States Seismic Policy Council (WSSPC) 20th Annual Conference. Pasadena, California: September 15-18, 1998. Contact: WSSPC, 121 Second Street, Fourth Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105; (415) 974-6435; fax: (415) 974-1747; e-mail: wsspc@wsspc.org.

DMIT'98 - International Conference on Information Technology and Disaster Management. Sponsors: University College London and others. London, England: September 21-24, 1998. Contact: C.R.J. Kilburn, Benfield Grieg Hazard Research Centre, Department of Geological Sciences, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6B, U.K.; WWW: http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/S.Sorensen/DMIT98.htm.

Earthquake Prognostics World Forum on the Seismic Safety of Big Cities: Program of Action Against the Impact of Impending Earthquakes. Sponsors: International Commission on Earthquake Prognostics and the Turkish Earthquake Foundation. Istanbul, Turkey: September 21-25, 1998. Abstracts due April 30. Contact: Prof. M. Hasan Boduroglu, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, 80626 Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey; tel: +90-212-285-3797; fax: +90-212-285- 6656; e-mail: bodurogl@sariyer.cc.itu.edu.tr; WWW: http://www.ins.itu.edu.tr/eaee/bigcities98.html.

National Association of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies (NAFSMA) 20th Anniversary Annual Meeting and Workshops. Denver, Colorado: September 22-26, 1998. Contact: NAFSMA, 1401 Eye Street, N.W., Suite 900, Washington, DC 20005; (202) 218-4122.

Earthquake Resistant Engineering Structures (ERES) '99. Catania, Italy: May 1999. Organizers are currently accepting abstracts. Contact: Liz Kerr, Conference Secretariat, ERES99, Wessex Institute of Technology, Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton, SO40 7AA, U.K.; tel: 44 (0) 1703 293223; fax: 44 (0) 1703 292853; e-mail: liz@wessex.ac.uk.

Third International Conference on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering. Sponsor: International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES). Tehran, Iran: May 17-19, 1999. Abstracts due June 15, 1998. Contact: The International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, P.O. Box 19395/3913, Tehran, I.R. Iran; tel: (98 21) 229 5085; fax: (98 21) 229 9479; e-mail: see3@dena.iiees.ac.ir.

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