November 9, 2001


  1. DR Takes a Break II
  2. New QR Report Available
  3. AIR Needs Subcontractors for NFIP Evaluation
  4. Help Wanted: Director, International CLIVAR Project Office
  5. Postdoc Wanted: IRI Seeks Postdoctoral Scientist
  6. AMS Offers Congressional Science Fellowship
  7. EMI Announces Resident Courses for 2001-2002
  8. Conferences and Training


DR Takes a Break II

For the next few months, Disaster Research will be published on a limited basis (every three to four weeks as opposed to every 12-14 days). We'll still send you the latest timely news and conference announcements and continue to circulate questions from our readers around the globe concerning their latest problems in disaster management.

However, we'll forgo the less time-critical items (such as those about new centers, research, or disaster management programs). Those items will continue to be written up in our printed and on-line newsletter, the Natural Hazards Observer, and we will let DR readers know whenever a new Observer becomes available on the web.

So please keep those cards and letters and e-mails coming in (hazctr@colorado.edu). Your guest editor, former Hazards Center intern and supereditor, Wendy Hessler, will make sure that all the hazards news that's fit to print will continue to be published by the Center.

Best regards,
The Natural Hazards Center


New QR Report Available

The Natural Hazards Centerıs newest Quick Response report "Examining a "Near-Miss" Experience: Awareness, Behavior, and Post-Disaster Response Among Residents on the Periphery of a Tornado-Damage Path" is now available on the Hazards Center web site. The report looks at several disaster-related parameters surrounding a tornado that struck Siren, Wisconsin, in June 2001. The Natural Hazards Center sponsors "Quick Response" investigations that allow researchers to visit the site of a disaster immediately after impact in order to assess response and recovery. In turn, the researchers publish summaries of their findings on the Hazards Center web site. The newest report, by John Tiefenbacher et al. of Southwest Texas State University, is on-line at www.colorado.edu/hazards/qr/qr137/qr137.html.


AIR Needs Subcontractors for NFIP Evaluation

The American Institutes for Research (AIR) - under the direction of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - is soliciting subcontractors to assist in a multiyear evaluation of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The assessment will focus on six areas: 1) occupancy and use of floodplains; 2) the costs and consequences of flooding; 3) insurance rating and indemnity functions; 4) floodplain management and enforcement; 5) hazard identification and risk assessment; and 6) marketing and communications.

Interested consultants and organizations should submit brief capability statements that demonstrate relevant skills and experience in one or more of the six areas. Any present or potential conflicts of interest that might interfere with a fair and objective evaluation should also be included. Statements will be accepted indefinitely for this ongoing project. Capability statements and all information requests should be sent to: Dr. Rich Tobin, Project Director, AIR, 1815 N. Fort Myer Drive, Suite 600, Arlington, VA 22209; e-mail: rtobin@air.org.


Help Wanted: Director, International CLIVAR Project Office

A director skilled in conceiving, organizing, and managing interdisciplinary and international science projects is needed for the International Climate Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR) Project Office in Southampton, United Kingdom. CLIVAR focuses on the physical processes that control climate variability and predictability from seasonal to centennial time scales.

Application deadline is December 31, 2002.

For a complete job description, requirements, and application procedures, contact Personnel Dept., University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK; 44-23-8059-2750; e-mail: recruit@soton.ac.uk; WWW: www.clivar.org (search for "director;" choose "position announcement").


Postdoc Wanted: IRI Seeks Postdoctoral Scientist

The International Research Institute for climate prediction (IRI), located at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, New York, seeks a postdoctoral fellow for its program in the application of seasonal-to-interannual climate forecasts. The successful candidate will help develop an integrated forecast decision support system. Projects of particular interest include climate issues in global food security, health, hazards, and information management.

For proposed research activities, contact Carolyn Mutter at czm@iri.columbia.edu. For more information about the application process: (303) 497-8649; e-mail: vsp@ucar.edu; WWW: www.vsp.ucar.edu.

Applications are due January 15, 2002, and should be submitted to University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)/Visiting Scientist Programs, PO Box 3000, Boulder, CO 80307-3000.


AMS Offers Congressional Science Fellowship

Scientists interested in creating public policy and living for a year in Washington, DC, are encouraged to apply for the 2002-2003 American Meteorological Societyıs (AMS) Congressional Science Fellowship. The one-year fellowship is co-sponsored by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR); runs from September 1, 2002 to August 31, 2003; and includes a stipend and extra funds for related expenses. Fellows choose from a variety of positions working directly with a member of Congress or with a congressional committee. Applicants must have a Ph.D. or equivalent in the atmospheric or related sciences, be a member of AMS (or applying), and be a U.S. citizen.

Applications are due to the AMS by March 1, 2002. For details, contact: Doug Stone; (202) 737-9006; email: stone@dc.ametsoc.org; or see www.ametsoc.org/ams/atmospolicy/2002congressionalfellow.html.


EMI Announces 2001 ­ 2002 Resident Courses

The schedule for this yearıs Emergency Management Instituteıs (EMI) resident courses is now available. The Institute offers a wide variety of training programs in six broad categories: simulation and exercise, professional development, master trainer program, mitigation, preparedness and technological, and response and recovery. The courses, only for emergency management professionals who are U.S. residents, are held at the EMI campus, Emmitsburg, Maryland, or at the Mount Weather Emergency Assistance Center. EMI, the training branch of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, provides resident and non-resident courses as part of its nationwide training program to enhance U.S. emergency management practices.

Course dates, admission applications, and other information are available on EMIıs web site at www.fema.gov/emi/.


Conferences and Training

[Below are some recent announcements received by the Natural Hazards Center. A comprehensive list of upcoming hazards-related meetings and training is available from our World Wide Web site: http://www.colorado.edu/hazards/conf.html]

Community Response to the Threat of Terrorism - virtual workshop. Presented by: Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI). The World Wide Web: November 13-19, 2001. See: www.riskinstitute.org. The workshop is free, but participants should register electronically at the Symposium Center on PERI's web site. Registrants receive daily issues and ideas papers via e-mail.

The Business of Earthquakes: What We Learned From the Nisqually Earthquake (And What We Can Apply to a Wide Range of Natural and Manmade Threats). Presented by: The Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW). Sponsored by: CREW, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Seattle, Washington: November 27-28, 2001. Contact: Bob Freitag, Executive Director, CREW, 3110 Portage Bay P1 E Slip G, Seattle, WA 98102; (206) 328-2533; e-mail: bfreitag@mindspring.com; WWW: www.crew.org.

Conference for the Organization of a National Association for Emergency Warning and Public Notification. McLean, Virginia: November 29, 2001. Contact: Kim Newsome; (703) 883-6849; e-mail: ksher@mitre.org; or Darrell Ernst; (703) 883-5914; e-mail: dernst@mitre.org. For registration, directions, and more information, see www.mitre.org/tech_transfer/conference.html.

Hemispheric Disaster Risk Reduction Conference. Co-host: Costa Ricaıs National Emergency Commission and the US Agency for International Developmentıs Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance. San Jose, Costa Rica: December 4-6, 2001. Registration deadline: November 15, 2001. Contact: Laura Trejos or Ana Silvia Fernández; (506) 290-4133 or (506) 296-3554; e-mail: rmsummit@ofdalac.org; Complete conference and registration information is available on the web site at www.ofdalac.org/summit.

Conference on NOAA/NWS International Hydrologic Assistance Programs. Sponsor: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service (NWS). Silver Spring, Maryland: December 11-13, 2001. Contact: Tom Laufer, Workshop Coordinator, National Weather Service/IA, 1325 East West Highway, Room 13366, Silver Spring, MD 20910. For more information, see: www.nws.noaa.gov/oh/tt/events/2001/nws-user/conf.shtml.

Information on the following three workshops is available at: www.mitch-ec.net; e-mail: baw@hrwallingford.co.uk or mitch@wldelft.nlnfwc@Environment-Agency.gov.uk.

Floods, Droughts, and Landslides: Management in a Changing Climate: Translating Research Advances into Practical Benefits. Host: Mitigation of Climate Induced Natural Hazards (MITCH). Jointly organized by the WL | Delft Hydraulics and the United Kingdom's Environment Agency. Delft, The Netherlands: December 12-13, 2001.

Advances in Flood Forecasting, Flood Warning, and Emergency Management: Translating Research Advances into Practical Benefits. Host: Mitigation of Climate Induced Natural Hazards (MITCH). Organized by Padova/Barcelona. Location to be finalized: May/June 2002.

Floods, Droughts, and Landslides - Who Plans, Who Pays?: Translating Research Advances into Practical Benefits. Host: Mitigation of Climate Induced Natural Hazards (MITCH). Organized by HR Wallingford/GFZ Potsdam. Location to be finalized: Oct/Nov 2002.

82nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. Theme: Generating Environmental Information and Services. Orlando, Florida: January 13-17, 2002. Contact: AMS Headquarters, 45 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108-3693; (617) 227-2425; fax: (617) 742-8718; e-mail: amsinfo@ametsox.org; WWW: www.ametsoc.org/AMS/

Disaster Management, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, and Long-term Development. Host: Indian Institute of Management. Sponsors: State University of New York at Binghamton and York University, Toronto, Canada. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India: January 25-27, 2002. The conference will commemorate the Gujarat earthquake of January 2001. Contact: Keith Lehrer, 282 Aatkinson College, York University, 4700 Keele Street, North York, ON, Canada, M3J1P3; fax: (416) 736-5963; e-mail: klehrer@yorku.ca.

Disaster Management 2002: Preparation, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation. Presented by: The National Institute for Government Innovation. Sponsors: International Association of Emergency Managers, Terrorism Response Association International, National Terrorism Preparedness Institute, and Institute for Business and Home Safety. Las Vegas, Nevada: January 28-29, 2002. Contact: (888) 670-8200; fax: (941) 365-2507; e-mail: register@iirusa.com. For more information, a brochure, and to register, see www.nigi.org/h0166.htm.

Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2002. Sponsors: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), American Shore & Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA), Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), The Coastal Society, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and more. San Diego, California: February 24-27, 2002. Contact: Lesley Ewing, California Coastal Commission, 45 Fremont Street, Suite 2000, San Francisco, CA 94105; (415) 904-5291; fax: (415) 904-5400; e-mail: lewing@coastal.ca.gov; WWW: www.asce.org/conferences/cd2002/index.html.

First Course on Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction for Cities. Sponsor: Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) in cooperation with the National Society for Earthquake Technology of Nepal. Kathmandu, Nepal: March 2002. Contact: ADPC, AIT, PO Box 4, Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand; (66-2) 524-5354-5; fax: (66-2) 524-5360; e-mail: adpc@ait.ac.th; WWW: www.adpc.ait.ac.th.

Contingency Planning and Management 2002. New Orleans, Louisiana: April 15-17, 2002. Produced by WPC Expositions. Presented by: Contingency Planning & Management magazine and www.ContingencyPlanning.com. Contact: WPC Expositions, (908) 788-0343; WWW: www.contingencyplanningexpo.com.

The 25th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology. Sponsor: American Meteorological Society. San Diego, California: April 25-May 3, 2002. Contact: American Meteorological Society Headquarters, 45 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108-3693; (617) 227-2425; fax: (617) 742-8718; e-mail: amsinfo@ametsoc.org; WWW: www.ametsoc.org/AMS/. Abstracts must be submitted by November 15, 2001.

Third National Seismic Conference and Workshop on Bridges and Highways - Advances in Engineering and Technology for the Seismic Safety of Bridges in the New Millennium. Sponsored by: Federal Highway Administration, Oregon Department of Transportation, and the Washington State Department of Transportation. Organized by: Federal Highway Administration's Western Resource Center and the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER) at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Portland, Oregon: April 28-May 1, 2002. Contact: Michael S. Higgins, Regional Manager, Eastern Region, Pure Technologies US Inc., 10015 Old Columbia Road, Suite B-215, Columbia, MD 21046; (410) 309-7050; fax: (410) 309-7051; e-mail: mike.higgins@soundprint.com; WWW: mceer.buffalo.edu/meetings/3nsc/default.asp.

Disasters and Development: Hazard, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment. New course directed by risk management consultants Charles van Oppen and Rob Gilchrist. Sponsored by: Oversees Development Group. Various locations: July 8-26, 2002. Contact: Overseas Development Group, University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ, United Kingdom. +44 (0)1603 456410; fax +44 (0)1603 505262; email: odg.train@uea.ac.uk; WWW: www.uea.ac.uk/dev/ODG/pages/course_disaster.html.

Third International Colloquium on Seismic Microzonation. Caracas, Venezuela: July 15-17, 2002. Contact: Juan Murria or Josè Antonio Rodriguez, Venezuelan Foundation for Seismological Research (FUNVISIS), Apartado Postal 76.880, Caracus, Venezuela, 1070; 58-2-257-7672 or 58-2-257-5153 or 58-2-257-9346; fax: 58-2-257-9977; e-mail: dptoct@internet.ve; WWW: www.funvisis.org.ve.

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