Working Paper Series

Working Papers:

In 1968, hazards researchers from the University of Chicago, Clark University, and the University of Toronto, introduced a series of working papers summarizing recent and ongoing research in the field of human adjustments to natural hazards. Since 1972, these papers have been published by the Institute of Behavioral Science and subsequently the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado. The series is intended to aid the rapid distribution of research findings and other information to both scholars directly involved in hazards research and to the larger circle of interested persons.

The Center welcomes - in fact, encourages - submission of manuscripts for publication in the Working Paper series. Publication in the series is open to all hazards researchers and does not preclude more formal publication elsewhere. Reader response to a publication in this series can be used to improve papers for submission to journal or book publishers.

The first 93 working papers were published in printed form and can be purchased from the Natural Hazards Center. Subsequent papers are available free and online. We encourage their free distribution but request that they not be sold for profit. For information on purchasing printed copies of our Working Papers, visit our publications purchasing page.