Quick Response Reports

Quick Response Research Reports published after 1995 are available online. Earlier reports can be purchased on our publications purchasing page.

If you are an author who can offer a more final version of any of the reports posted on this page (for example, a peer-reviewed journal article derived from your Quick Response Report), please contact Jolie Breeden.


QR32 Organizational Foresight and The Exxon Oil Spill . Lee Clarke. 1989. 26 pp.

QR31 Learning From Risk: Organizational Interaction Following The Armenian Earthquake. Louise K. Comfort. 1989. 40 pp.

QR30 Drought Impact and Perception among Wisconsin Dairy Farmers: Preliminary Summary of Survey Results. John A. Cross. 1989. 36 pp.

QR29 Post-Disaster Adaptive Response: Parent-Child Reactions to the Los Angeles Area/Whittier Narrows Earthquake. Norma S. Gordon and Carl A. Maida. 1989. 17 pp.

QR28 Training Primary Care Workers in Disaster Mental Health: The Experience in Ecuador. Bruno R. Lima. 1988. 42 pp.

QR27 Aftermath of a Disaster: Psychological Response to the Madison, Florida Tornado. Elizabeth M. Smith and Carol S. North. 1988. 12 pp.

QR26 Variables Affecting Duty-Related Stress After An Air Crash Disaster. Don M. Hartsough. 1988. 20 pp.

QR25 Mental Health Service Utilization By Child Victims of Natural Disasters. Bill J. Locke. 1988. 13 pp.

QR24 Aftermath of a Disaster: Psychological Response to the Russelville Arkansas Mass Murder. Elizabeth M. Smith and Carol North. 1988. 26 pp.

QR23 Aftermath of a Disaster: Psychological Response to the Indianapolis Ramada Jet Crash. Elizabeth M. Smith and Carol S. North. 1988. 34 pp.

QR22 Public Images About Chlorine Storage Hazards Following an Accidental Gas Release. George Cvetkovich. 1988. 16 pp.

QR21 Chemical Emergencies, Offsite Exposures, and Organizational Response. Kathleen Tierney. 1987. 24 pp.

QR20 Intentionality and Action: Mexico City Schoolteachers' Perceptions and Expectations Following the 1985 Earthquake. Herbert Thier, Vivian Gratton, and Fred Johnson. 1986. 33 pp.

QR19 Defensiveness, Level of Psychological Distress, and Help-Seeking Behavior Among Victims of a Major Natural Disaster. Anthony Rao, Kenneth Davis, and Leonard Bickman. 1985. 23 pp.

QR18 Psychological Responses to the Mexico City Earthquake. Abigail Stewart. 1986. 19 pp.

QR17 Spatial and Temporal Variability in Residential Land Values Following Catastrophic Flooding.. Burrell Montz and Graham Tobin. 1986. 14 pp.

QR16 Initial Public Response to the Parkfield Earthquake Prediction. Dennis Mileti and Janice Hutton. 1986. 10 pp.

QR15 After the Factory Explosion: Family Reactions to Death in a Disaster. Joan McNeil. 1986. 30 pp.

QR14 Screening for the Psychological Consequences of a Major Disaster in a Developing Country. Bruno Lima et al. 1987. 7 pp.

QR13 Primary Mental Health Care for Disaster Victims in Developing Countries. Bruno Lima. 1986. 7 pp.

QR12 The Mass Media and Hurricane Disaster Alerts. John Ledingham and Lynne Masel-Walters. 1986. 6 pp.

QR11 Kalamata Earthquake, 1986: Psychological Reaction and Roles for Health Care Workers. Jerri Laube. 1987. 8 pp.

QR10 Transportation Problems and Needs in the Aftermath of the 1985 Mexico City Earthquake. Antoine Hobeika, Siamak Ardekani, and Alejandro Martinez-Marquez. 1987. 50 pp.

QR09 The Recovery of Schools from Earthquake Effects. Vivian Gratton et al. 1986. 20 pp.

QR08 Psychosocial Impact of Disaster: The Baldwin Hills Fire. Norma Gordon et al. 1987. 22 pp.

QR07 Psychological Consequences of Radon in the Home. Margaret Gibbs, Susan Belford, and Michael Edelstein. 1986. 6 pp.

QR06 Reactions to Natural and Man-Made Radioactive Threat. Margaret Gibbs and Susan Belford. 1986. 10 pp.

QR05 The Emotional Impact of Post-Disaster Relocation. Michael Durkin. 1987. 10 pp.

QR04 Increasing Problem-Solving Capacity Between Organizations. Louise Comfort and Anthony Cahill. 1985. 35 pp.

QR03 International Disaster Assistance in the Mexico Earthquake. Louise Comfort. 1986. 48 pp.

QR02 The 1986 California Floods. Robert Bolin. 1986. 32 pp.

QR01 Social Support Following a Disaster. Leonard Bickman and Jerome Cook. 1986. 20 pp.

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