Business Continuity

Ready Business
Designed as a call-to-action for business leaders, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has launched a Ready Business Mentoring Initiative. The initiative includes the Ready Business mentoring guides (mentor and user versions), which are designed to teach business owners and managers about affordable ways to better protect their businesses. DHS collaborated with the Education Disaster Extension Network to create presentation materials to support the guides and help business and community leaders host and deliver business preparedness workshops and training sessions. Many other materials are also available, including an emergency response plan . is also available in several languages.

The Business Roundtable
The Business Roundtable has published two guides, Committed to Protecting America: CEO Guide to Security Challenges (2005) and Committed to Protecting America: A Private-Sector Crisis Preparedness Guide (2005), to help chief executive officers and other corporate managers improve the private sector’s preparedness for infrastructure disruptions, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks. Both publications are available free online.

Ready New York for Business
Ready New York for Business contains practical and actionable advice to help businesses protect their employees and enhance a company's ability to recover from financial loss resulting from business interruption or damage to facilities and inventory.

Surviving Disasters and Supporting Recovery: A Guidebook for Microfinance Institutions(2005)
Published by The World Bank’s Hazard Management Unit, the United Nations Development Programme, and the United Nations Capital Development Fund, this guidebook is part of an initiative to develop mechanisms for poor households and communities to better manage disaster risk. Since microfinance institutions work with the poor, it is critical that they are prepared for upheavals, such as natural disasters, to protect their clients as well as themselves. Guidance for microfinance institutions is offered through chapters dedicated to assessment of risk, institutional preparedness, client preparedness, emergency response, and recovery.