National Climate Data Center Severe Weather - Tornadoes
The Web site of the National Climate Data Center includes data from thousands of weather stations around the world, as well as hundreds of images, numerous technical reports on extreme weather events, and lots of other climate/weather information. The second URL offers Storm Data Publications - including Storm Data, which contains a chronological listing, by state, of hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, floods, drought conditions, lightning, high winds, snow, temperature extremes, and other weather phenomena. The reports are provided by the National Weather Service and contain statistics on personal injuries and damage estimates.

Tornado Project Online
The Tornado Project Online site offers basic tornado information, tornado data, tornado myths and FAQs (frequently asked questions), tornado oddities, personal accounts of tornado experiences, information on tornado safety, tornado history, as well as information about recent tornadoes. It also lists tornado videos and books available from the Tornado Project, and information on other disasters.

Wind Engineering Research Center
Texas Tech University is the home of the Wind Engineering Research Center, which conducts interdisciplinary research on the effects of wind on civil engineering infrastructure, including buildings, bridges, transmission-line towers, and various other structures. This Web site provides a complete description of the center, its programs, and projects; lists center publications; explains research and other projects that have been undertaken; offers research data and findings, and provides links to other useful Internet resources. Additionally, the holdings of Texas Tech's Wind Engineering Library have recently been put online. This resource covers more than 4500 articles and provides a simple system for searching the catalog.

The Weather Channel
Not surprisingly, the Weather Channel hosts an extensive Web site that includes news, maps, photographs, and other information about currently developing tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and other severe weather, as well as background information about these phenomena and tips on preparing for and surviving them.

Societal Aspects of Weather
The Societal Aspects of Weather Web page, housed on the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research's Web site, contains interesting statistics on the societal aspects of weather, as well as sections on such climate/weather phenomena as floods, El Nino, tornadoes, extreme temperature, lightning, tropical cyclones, and winter weather. The information is also organized by user groups and resource type. Much other information is available, including a section on weather policy and bibliographic resources pertaining to extreme weather and climate forecasts. The group manages a Weather Policy Listserv and publishes WeatherZine, an informal newsletter serving scholars and practitioners interested in the relation between society and weather. The newsletter is available via e-mail and on the Web as a PDF newsletter and a plain text newsletter.