Many in our community have been following the releases of the individual articles in our Research Counts Special Collection on Children and Disasters. We’re happy to let you know that the full collection is now available online and as a downloadable PDF.

This collection, made possible with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, focuses on many aspects of children and disaster. The short, easy-to-read articles condense recent research findings to help those working in the field stay current on topics related to children—how they are vulnerable, how caregivers and emergency managers can help them, and most of all, how they can play an active role in community preparedness and response to disaster.

Please visit the online collection to learn more about the series, and why we created this resource. Because the topic has resonated with so many people, we will also continue to add articles to the collection from time to time. You’ll be able to find the complete collection, including upcoming articles, on the Children and Disasters Special Collection web page.

We’re happy to add that, thanks to your positive response to this effort, we will have another opportunity to partner with CDC, for yet another topic-focused collection of Research Counts. Keep your eyes open for an all-new series on mass evacuations and sheltering, coming in 2020. Work has just begun on this exciting venture. If you’d like to let us know about relevant research or tools for practitioners in the area, please contact Lori Peek at