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Surprising as it might seem, many community organizations that provide everyday assistance to [...] others aren’t prepared to fall on hard times themselves. When faced with disaster, how can community aid [...] organizational preparedness for disaster in a webinar aimed at community-based organizations and [...] Corporation for National and Community Service and HandsOn Network, is free. For more information and to

Making a Case for Community Resilience

The American Bar Association Takes a Stand

By Jolie Breeden



woven from many different strands of community involvement—local planners, lawmakers, private [...] build resilience into community plans and projects. Recently, however, the American Bar Association [...] property rights, protecting the environment, and looking out for citizen interests. “A robust community [...] resilience program represents the interests of the entire community and is contingent upon the [...] ongoing collaboration of civic leaders, key public and private sector stakeholders, and community

small businesses can engage in resilience planning. Webinar Community Resilience: Modeling [...] , Field Studies, and Implementation April 27, 2017, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. MDT Center for Risk-Based Community [...] discuss work being done by the Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning at Colorado State [...] theory behind six recent publications on the virtual community called Centerville, and a demonstration of [...] the center’s IN-CORE (Interdependent Connected Modeling Environment for Community Resilience) project. More webinars and training...

Webinar Documenting and Modeling Community Recovery Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience [...] focus on how research at the Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning—a National Institute [...] of Standards and Technology Center of Excellence—is working to improve models of community recovery [...] at the community level before a disaster hits. Tribal Public Health Emergency Law U.S. Centers



Building Grants on the topic of enhancing community networks that improve coastal environments [...] , health, and well-being. The program supports projects conducted by community or regionally focused [...] organizations that advance understanding of how science can serve community needs. Call for

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