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experiencing homelessness were perceived as threats due to social stigma and negative perceptions. They [...] homelessness into plans for emergency response or disaster mitigation. For instance, homeless individuals might [...] who are trying to find homes. Integrating people experiencing homelessness into disaster planning is [...] people experiencing homelessness may not be readily available. Many of the CBOs that provide essential [...] daily services and help individuals overcome homelessness have not taken preparedness actions

Vulnerable Yet Resilient

Homelessness and Disaster Response in the United States

By Marc Settembrino



homelessness. That day, my group was tasked with surveying food banks in Osceola County, Florida, a county [...] characterized by high poverty rates and widespread family homelessness. It was a gorgeous Florida [...] only works of consequence made me decide to dedicate my dissertation research to homelessness and [...] natural hazards vulnerability among men experiencing homelessness in Central Florida (Settembrino [...] experiencing homelessness (Settembrino, 2015). However, I also learned that despite social vulnerability to

Speaking Truth to Power

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recent Research Counts articles: Preparing the Whole Community: Including Homelessness in Disaster

Skid Row Realizations

Planning for Homeless Individuals During Disasters

By June Gin



solutions and approaches to address this issue with experts in the field of homelessness and emergency [...] in January 2016. Faced with the reality of homelessness While I could have learned about [...] homelessness and its impact on disaster vulnerability anywhere in the United States, living in the city of Los [...] for granted—shoes and socks—are items vital for survival for individuals experiencing homelessness [...] —shoes and socks—are items vital for survival for individuals experiencing homelessness. Second, since

Hazards Web

: Homelessness and Disasters XL - 1: Disaster and Social Memories XXXIX - 6: Art & Disaster XXXIX - 5

We Cannot Stand Alone

Human-Caused Fires Call for Human Collaboration

By Jay Stalnacker



emerging challenge—homelessness. After the financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent housing [...] market crash, homelessness has become an increasing issue. Studies indicate this vulnerable population is [...] and homelessness. As such, partnerships and collaboration offer a path forward for fire managers



exploring policy areas such as housing and housing-related assistance programs, homelessness, urban

Disaster News Redux

Homelessness in Haiti



A Nation in Camps: In 2011, a year after a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, an estimated one million people were still living in tents and makeshift structures, despite an outpouring of aid from around the globe. Only an estimated 5 percent of the debris littering the country had been removed and the country had received little more than 10 percent of the $11 billion of aid it had been promised, according to a Time article. Deplorable social conditions existing before the eart...



, the implications of climate change on public health law, immigration and health, and homelessness

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Code Blue Is Only the First Step in Keeping the Homeless Warm



homelessness and mental illness, explained why he avoided shelters in an interview on National Public [...] Northern told the New York Times, they could eventually lead to less homelessness in general. “If they