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What Sandy Taught Us

Quick Response Reports Look at Impacts and Recovery



It’s been a year since Hurricane Sandy barreled up the East Coast and from emergency agencies to [...] Center’s Quick Response Grant Program issued a special call for research related to Hurricane Sandy. The [...] , New York After Hurricane Sandy --Divya Chandrasekhar and Donovan Finn Impacts of Superstorm Sandy [...] : A Study of New York's Home Buyout Plan in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy --Sherri Brokopp Binder [...] Partnership Behavior in Disaster Relief Operations: A Case Study of the Response to Hurricane Sandy in



local government in disaster risk reduction. August 10-11, 2015 Hurricane Sandy Conference U.S [...] filled This conference will discuss the research outcomes of a two-year series of Hurricane Sandy [...] research on Hurricane Sandy, as well as strategies to build preparedness and resilience, translating [...] and federal agencies, logistics following a catastrophic event, a case study of Hurricane Sandy

the January 2013 Observer include: Hurricane Sandy Makes an Entrance Turning Up the Heat on

Hurricanes, Ho!

Weather Experts Focus on Warnings as a Hectic Season Approaches

By Jolie Breeden



resulting gaps in understanding—the connotation of “storm” versus “hurricane,” for instance—can be [...] Hurricane Conference last month. “If you tell her a storm is coming ashore, she may not do a thing. If [...] you tell her a hurricane is coming, she'll react differently. That key word—hurricane—causes people [...] to act.” That’s not necessarily a problem when a hurricane can be called a hurricane. But [...] sometimes—as we saw recently when Sandy struck the East coast—a storm might lose the characteristics that


New Jersey City Highlights Yet Another Fracture in Disaster Relief Disbursement

By Jolie Breeden



by Hurricane Sandy can be added to the list of those downstream. Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer last [...] Sandy recovery unless she helped push through a development deal. Hoboken, 80 percent of which was [...] submerged after Sandy, requested $127 million in federal relief funds administrated by the State of [...] UP w/ Steve Kornacki Saturday. "The bottom line is, it's not fair for the governor to hold Sandy [...] for allegedly misusing Sandy recovery money for a $25 million tourism campaign—has called Zimmer’s

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Advisory Board website. Call for Applications Research Grants Related to Hurricane Sandy Recovery [...] during Hurricane Sandy recovery. State and local governments, schools, nonprofits, and higher

Research Counts


By Stefanie Haeffele and Virgil Henry Storr Rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans [...] after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. @Mercatus Center at George Mason University, 2007. Our [...] in Houston after evacuating after Hurricane Katrina. We also conducted fieldwork on the Rockaway [...] Peninsula in New York after Superstorm Sandy. In each neighborhood we visited, we learned about the [...] typically limited and needs are extensive. Early estimates show that Hurricane Harvey caused more than

Forget Building Back Better

How About Not Building at All?

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When it comes to rebuilding coastlines decimated by Hurricane Sandy, New York governor Andrew Cuomo [...] has a plan—don’t do it. The tack is decidedly different from the usual post-hurricane building [...] would offer pre-Sandy values for most homes, with owners in particularly vulnerable areas getting a [...] Development along with some of the $51 billion in Sandy relief funds, is still awaiting federal approval

Assessment of Psychological Factors Associated with Hurricane Sandy Preparedness in Post-Earthquake [...] The Rockaways, New York After Hurricane Sandy (2013) Divya Chandrasekhar and Donovan Finn QR243 [...] Hurricane Sandy (2013) Sherri Brokopp Binder QR241 Partnership Behavior in Disaster Relief [...] Operations: A Case Study of the Response to Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey (2013) John Coles and Jun [...] Cultural Collections (2013) Paulette Hebert and Lori Schram QR239 The Effects of Hurricane Sandy on



Hurricane Sandy After Action Report This recently released report by the Federal Emergency [...] within the scope of social and environmental issues surrounding Hurricane Sandy. The group’s open [...] . “Ultimately,” the report states, “the Sandy experience demonstrated significant progress achieved [...] is a treasure trove of Sandy info. Dictionary of Numbers The world of hazards comes with lots of