Workshop Book Club Registration

1. Which of the following books is your club reading for this year’s Natural Hazards Workshop?

If you are reading more than one book, please select the Book Forum you plan to attend.

2. Who is in your Workshop Book Club?

To get the most out of the experience, and to be eligible to receive the free registration, your club should have at least three members. Please list yourself first.

3. Each Workshop Book Club will receive one free individual registration to this year’s Natural Hazards Workshop ($250 value).

Please enter the name, affiliation, and email address for the person who you would like to receive this benefit. We’ll reach out soon with details on how to register.

4. Do you agree to share about your Book Club on your personal social media accounts and allow us to feature your Book Club via the Natural Hazards Center social media?

5. If you answered Yes or Maybe to the above, what social media platforms will you likely be sharing on? (Select all that apply.)

(please specify)

6. Bonus: Does your book club have a clever name? If so, please share it here!

Questions? Please contact us at

Thanks for taking the time to fill out this form! We will be in touch very soon. In the meantime, happy reading!