Submission Guidelines

Join the Meet the Editors Event!

Are you interested in promoting your hazards and disaster journal or book series at the 47th Annual Natural Hazards Workshop or Researchers Meeting? If so, please join us for our first annual Meet the Editors event. Submissions must be received by June 27, so please keep reading for more details and to access the submission link.

Event Details: This year, we are inviting all hazards and disaster journal editors and book series editors to attend the Natural Hazards Workshop and Researchers Meeting to showcase their publications.

The virtual platform allows you to upload an image of your journal cover or book series logo, a brief write-up, and a video of you describing the publication and any activities you would like to highlight. This material will be accessible to all registrants for the duration of the Workshop and Researchers Meeting. In addition, you will attend a live session on Monday, July 11, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. MDT to answer questions and interact with Workshop participants as part of a Meet the Editors event.

Submission Information: If you are interested in highlighting your publication and participating in the Meet the Editors event, you must submit your information by June 27.

We will review your submission and provide further details about the virtual display by June 29. Once your submission is approved, all editors will be asked to upload information on your journal or book series and to create a YouTube video by no later than July 5. Please note that you must register for the Workshop and/or Researchers Meeting by July 5 for your submission to be included in the online program and on the Natural Hazards Center website.

Information on the highlighted journals and book series will be published in the Workshop virtual platform and the Researchers Meeting virtual platform and on the Natural Hazards Center website. Your publication materials will be available for viewing and commenting on by attendees throughout the respective meetings. Editors will be invited to respond to audience comments and questions throughout the Workshop and Researchers Meeting and during the assigned Meet the Editors event on Monday, July 11, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. MDT.

If you have any questions about the Meet the Editors event, please email us at