Other Publications

Learning from Catastrophe: Quick Response Research in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
A peer-reviewed edited volume, Learning from Catastrophe is a collection of 18 chapters from 39 researchers who conducted social science research during or immediately after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita made landfall on the U.S. Gulf Coast in September 2005.

Holistic Disaster Recovery:
Ideas for Building Local Sustainability After a Natural Disaster

This handbook was originally produced in 2001 as a guide for local practitioners on how to build sustainability into a community during the recovery period after a disaster. In the fall of 2005, the Natural Hazards Center revised the handbook with updated resources, including a more specific focus on the Hurricane Katrina recovery, and new examples of recovery success stories.

Beyond September 11: An Account of Post-Disaster Research
This volume collects the findings, lessons, and recommendations of post-September 11 disaster research.

Natural Hazards Working Papers
Working Papers present the results of recent or ongoing research into natural hazards and disasters. The series is intended to aid the rapid distribution of research findings and other information.

Natural Hazards Monograph Series
The Monograph series presents research findings dealing with social response to extreme environmental events.

Special Publications
From time to time the Natural Hazards Center issues Special Publications - studies and analyses that do not fit into our other publications series, but which offer information of critical interest to the hazards community.

Natural Hazards Informer
Written by expert practitioners and researchers, each volume of the Natural Hazards Informer summarizes current state-of-the-art knowledge about a specific aspect of natural hazards research and policy.

Session Summaries and Workshop Notebooks
Complete session summaries for each Hazards Research and Applications Workshop since 1995 are available online. A hardcopy of the Workshop Notebook containing the session summaries, abstracts of the hazards research presented, and the agenda and participant list is also available for purchase.