Holistic Disaster Recovery 2006 Revised Edition

The Natural Hazards Center has revised the 2001 handbook Holistic Disaster Recovery: Ideas for Building Local Sustainability after a Natural Disaster. The new version contains updated resources, including a more specific focus on the Hurricane Katrina recovery, and new examples of recovery success stories.

With funding from the Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI), the Center originally created the handbook as a vital resource for local government officials and staff, state planners, activists, emergency management professionals, disaster recovery experts, mitigation specialists, and others who help communities recover from disaster.

The 2006 version of Holistic Disaster Recovery is currently available from PERI's Web site at http://www.riskinstitute.org/.

Natural Hazards Center Publications

Descriptions and links to publications of the Natural Hazards Center are provided below. In most cases, downloadable versions of the publications are available, along with archives of past publications. An updated PDF file listing all of the Natural Hazards Center Publications is available.

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Natural Hazards Observer

The Natural Hazards Observer is the bimonthly periodical of the Natural Hazards Center. It covers current disaster issues; new international, national, and local disaster management, mitigation, and education programs; hazards research; political and policy developments; new information sources and Web sites; upcoming conferences; and recent publications.

Disaster Research

Disaster Research (DR) is a biweekly e-newsletter that includes some news items that also appear in the Natural Hazards Observer as well as other timely articles about new developments, policies, conference announcements, job vacancies, Web resources, and information sources in the field of hazards management.

Quick Response Reports

With funds contributed by the National Science Foundation, the Natural Hazards Center Quick Response program offers social scientists small grants to travel to the site of a disaster soon after it occurs to gather valuable information concerning immediate impact and response. Scholars participating in the program submit reports, which the Center makes available for free online.

Other Publications

The Annotated Bibliography of Natural Hazards Loss Datasets
A snapshot of resources in the Hazards Loss Dataset Catalog—a key-worded, annotated bibliographic database. The bibliography, just released in PDF, is a useful quick reference and entry point for wide variety of users. The source EndNote database is being prepared for electronic distribution so that others may extend this work.