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Disaster Research 650
October 23, 2015

DR is a biweekly, online publication that delivers the latest in hazards and disasters news with context aimed at researchers and hazards professionals.

Because you don’t have time to read everything of note in the disaster realm, we aggregate and synthesize information from a variety of resources—including you—and deliver it in an easy-to read format that will keep you up to date. From timely articles to resources to the most recent job openings, Disaster Research gives you the news you can use.

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Individual Disaster Research issues published from the newsletter's inception in 1989 to mid-1994 are not available online. They can be obtained by sending an e-mail message to listproc@lists.colorado.edu with the following command in the body of the message:

get pub/hazards dr###
(substituting the number of the issue you want [1-146] for "###")

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