Natural Hazards Informer

Written by expert practitioners and researchers, each volume of the Natural Hazards Informer summarized current state-of-the-art knowledge about a specific aspect of natural hazards research and policy, saving readers the time and effort needed to research and update their understanding of a topic. The Informer was intended for practitioners, researchers, public policy makers, and others.

Issue 1: Flood Mitigation Planning: The CRS Approach by French Wetmore and Gil Jamieson. 1999.

Issue 2: Public Education for Earthquake Hazards by Sarah Nathe, Paula Gori, Marjorie Greene, Elizabeth Lemersal, and Dennis Mileti. 1999. Two related bibliographies are also available: Public Hazards Communication Bibliography and Annotated Bibliography.

Issue 3: Building Back Better: Creating a Sustainable Community After Disaster by Jacquelyn L. Monday. 2002.

Issue 4: A Guide to Planning Resources on Transportation and Hazards by Andre LeDuc, Lorelei Juntunen, and Emma Stocker. 2009.

Issue 5: Communities of Practice and Disaster Risk Reduction by Juan Pablo Sarmiento, Etienne Wenger-Trayner, Richard S. Olson, Silvia Graciela Quiroga, and Vincent Gawronski. 2012. Spanish version also available.