Director's Corner

With the recent passage of the tax overhaul plans, Center Director Lori Peek invites us to think about a different kind of deficit that we may incur if we do not act on behalf of people and the planet.

The pain and suffering caused by recent disasters can make it easy to lose hope. Lori Peek talks about why taking action and counting blessings can be a good remedy.

The importance of getting disaster lessons into the hands of those who need it is more pressing than ever. Lori Peek describes a new Natural Hazards Center platform to do just that—Research Counts is dedicated to giving experts an opportunity to apply their knowledge to current disasters, as well as ponder new questions.

Racial tension and infrastructure became loosely connected when a presidential press conference on building was diverted to concerns about white nationalism. Director Lori Peek talks about why the two topics have more in common than you'd think.

In her first Director's Corner post, Lori Peek reflects on the 42nd Annual Natural Hazards Workshop and publishes her closing remarks.