Public Health Reports

PH14 | Co-Designing a Participatory Community Mapping Method for Informal Sheltering in Puerto Rico (2021)
Jonathan Sury, Yiyuan Jasmine Qin, Robert Soden, Gabriela Quijano, and Yesenia Delgado Castillo

PH13 | Cascading Disasters, Gender, and Vulnerability in Southwestern Puerto Rico (2021)
Waleska Sanabria León, Jane Henrici, M. Gabriela Torres, Alitza Cardona, Anna Fairbairn, and Elizabeth Eaton

PH12 | Calculating the Social Vulnerability Index for Guam (2021)
Yvette C. Paulino, Grazyna Badowski, Jade S. N. Chennaux, Monica Guerrero, Casierra Cruz, Romina King, and Sela Panapasa

PH11 | Sharing During Disasters (2021)
Karl Kim, Jiwnath Ghimire, and Eric Yamashita

PH10 | Exploring the Long-Term Impact of Cascading Disasters in the U.S. Virgin Islands on High School Student and Teacher Mental Health and Resilience (2021)
Leonard Huggins and Ted Serrant

PH9 | Nonprofit Response to Concurrent and Consecutive Disaster Events in Puerto Rico (2021)
Ivis Garcia, Divya Chandrasekhar, N. Emel Ganapati, Kevin Fagundo Ojeda, Jose E Velazquez-Diaz, Kaila Witkowski, and Pablo Jose Rivera Miranda

PH8 | Frontline Government Workers (2021)
Kula Francis, Nisha Clavier, and Kenny Hendrickson

PH7 | Excess Mortality and Associated Risk Factors Related to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (2021)
Kristen Cowan and Diego Zavala

PH6 | Compound Hazards, Evacuations, and Shelter Choices (2021)
Jennifer Collins, Amy Polen, Elizabeth Dunn, Leslie Maas Cortes, Erik Ackerson, Janis Valmond, Ernesto Morales, and Delián Colón-Burgos

PH5 | Relationships Between Distribution of Disaster Aid, Poverty, and Health in Puerto Rico (2021)
Alison Chopel, Antonio Fernós Sagebien, and Laura Gorbea Díaz

PH4 | Real-Time Migration Tracking to Puerto Rico after Natural Hazard Events (2021)
Alejandro Arrieta, Shu-Ching Chen, Juan Pablo Sarmiento, and Richard Olson

PH3 | When Nobody Came to Help Me (2021)
Maria L. Lara Hernandez, Félix A. López-Román, Elena Martínez-Torres, and Sol C. Molina-Parrilla

PH2 | The Effect of School Services Disruptions on Educational Outcomes After Consecutive Disasters in Puerto Rico (2021)
Eileen V. Segarra-Alméstica, Yolanda Cordero-Nieves, Héctor Cordero-Guzmán, José Caballero-Cueto, Indira Luciano-Montalvo, Sylvia Martínez-Mejias, and Hilda Rivera-Rivera

PH1 | Photovoice and Cultural Competence in Disaster Recovery in St. Croix (2021)
Monique Constance-Huggins and Alexis Sharpe