Public Health Reports

The Public Health Disaster Research Award program supports social science and interdisciplinary innovation in disaster research, prioritizes novel areas of study that require the collection of ephemeral data, and provides training and mentoring for conducting ethical and rigorous hazards and disaster research. Public Health Research reports capture perishable data on recent events. All analysis is preliminary.

Continuation Award 1—Track 1: Extending Public Health Disaster Research in U.S. Territories

The following is a list of research reports that were produced by Continuation Award 1 recipients in Track 1 for Extending Public Health Disaster Research in the U.S. Territories.

PH37 | Assessing Intra-Community Public Health Impacts from Compounding Food, Energy, and Water Insecurities (2023)
Anaís Delilah Roque, Enid Quintana, Sameer H. Shah, Mary Angelica Painter, Fernando Cuevas, and Fernando Tormos-Aponte

PH36 | Mapping Puerto Rican Student Vulnerability and Risk To Improve School Emergency Planning (2023)
Eileen V. Segarra-Alméstica, Yolanda Cordero, and Amílcar Vélez-Flores

PH35 | Evacuation Decision-Making Post-Vaccine: Implications of Compound Hazards in U.S. Territories (2023)
Jennifer Collins, Elizabeth Dunn, Justin Hartnett, Leslie Maas Cortes, and Rashida Jones

Call 3: Research in U.S. Territories, Tribal Areas, and Rural Communities

The following is a list of research reports that were produced by awardees of a Call for Proposals: Research in U.S. Territories, Tribal Areas, and Rural Communities.

PH34 | Steep Risks: Assessing Social Vulnerability to Landslides in Rural Puerto Rico (2023)
Jocelyn West, Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz, and K. Stephen Hughes

PH33 | Validating the Disaster Food Security Scale for Rural U.S. Populations (2023)
Lauren Clay, Nadia Koyratty, Anna Josephson, and Carmen Byker Shanks

PH32 | Assessing Impacts of Hurricane Maria for Promoting Healthcare Resilience in Puerto Rico (2023)
Pallab Mozumder, Linnette Rodríguez-Figueroa, Mayra Quiles-Miranda, Barsha Manandhar, Sisi Meng, and Nafisa Halim

PH31 | Harmful Algal Blooms: Community-Based Participatory Research to Improve Rural Public Health Practice (2023)
Amber Roegner, Mike Mader, Anjana Adhikari, Zarah Wemple, Summer Zelinksy, Keira Embry, and Todd Rex Miller

PH30| Resilience Planning With Two Tribal Governments in Virginia for Climate Hazards and Health Impacts (2023)
Nicole S. Hutton, Wie Yusuf, and Jesse Palma

PH29 | Risk and Health Communication During Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico and Hurricane Ian in Florida (2023)
Federico Subervi-Vélez, Sandra M. Fábregas-Troche, Mirelsa Modestti-González, Gary L. Kreps, and Hilda Patricia García-Cosavalente

PH28 | Energy Service Security for Public Health Resilience in Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula (2023)
Shardul Tiwari, Zoē Ketola, Chelsea Schelly, and Eric Boyer-Cole

PH27 | Public Health Computer Simulation Tool to Support Disaster Preparedness in Rural Communities (2023)
Kristina Kintziger, Tom Berg, Tracey Stansberry, Scott Lawson, Gerald Jones, Jr., and Liem Tran

Call 2: Strengthening Community Resilience in U.S. Territories

The following is a list of research reports that were produced by awardees of a Call for Strengthening Community Resilience in U.S. Territories.

PH26 | Social Capital, Community Health Resilience, and Compounding Hazards in Corcovada, Puerto Rico (2022)
Anaís Roque, Sameer H. Shah, Fernando Tormos-Aponte, and Enid Quintana Torres

PH25 | The Public Health Implications of Abandoned Spaces in Post-Maria Puerto Rico (2022)
Michelle Alvarado, David Carrasquillo, Luis Gallardo, and Alison Chopel

PH24 | Planning for Post-Disaster Needs of Women With Breast Cancer in Puerto Rico (2022)
Kevin Fagundo-Ojeda, Ivis García, and Mabel Lassalle

PH23 | The Public Health Implications of Social Vulnerability in the U.S. Virgin Islands (2022)
Greg Guannel, Hilary Lohmann, and Joe Dwyer

PH22 | Multi-Hazard Planning for Access and Functional Needs in the U.S. Territories and Hawaii (2022)
Lilian Bui, Jiwnath Ghimire, Eric Yamashita, and Karl Kim

PH21 | Impact of Infrastructure Disruptions on Puerto Rican Household Capabilities, Health, and Well-Being (2022)
Susan Spierre Clark, Sara Peterson, Ralph Rivera-Gutiérrez, Andrea C. Zambrana-Rosario, and Michael Shelly

PH20 | Community-Based Organizations in Public Housing Resident Recovery in Puerto Rico (2022)
Sayma Khajehei, Elizabeth Colón Rivera, Divya Chandrasekhar, and Ivis García

PH19 | Community First Aid Training: A Tool to Strengthen Community Resilience (2022)
Todd Miner, Simon Priest, Tayna C. Belyeu-Camacho, Joan M. Flores, and Geraldine A. Rodgers

PH18 | Public Trust, Community Resilience, and Disaster Response in the U.S. Virgin Islands (2022)
Kenny A. Hendrickson, Kula A. Francis,and Anna M. Clarke

PH17 | Exploring Post-Disaster Transportation Barriers to Healthcare of Socially Vulnerable Puerto Rican Communities (2022)
Diana Ramirez-Rios, William A. Wallace, Jordan Kinsler, Norianne Martinez Viota, and Paola Mendez

PH16 | The Use of Disaster Information and Communication Technology Among At-Risk Populations in U.S. Virgin Islands (2022)
Nitin Roy and Nisha Clavier

Call 1: Research in U.S. Territories

The following is a list of research reports that were produced by awardees of a Call for Research in U.S. Territories.

PH15 | Risk Communication in Concurrent Disasters
Jenniffer M. Santos-Hernández, Sara K. McBride, Nnenia Campbell, Lorna Jaramillo-Nieves, Ashley Méndez-Heavilin, and Alejandra Figueroa-Huertas

PH14 | Co-Designing a Participatory Community Mapping Method for Informal Sheltering in Puerto Rico (2021)
Jonathan Sury, Yiyuan Jasmine Qin, Robert Soden, Gabriela Quijano, and Yesenia Delgado Castillo

PH13 | Cascading Disasters, Gender, and Vulnerability in Southwestern Puerto Rico (2021)
Waleska Sanabria León, Jane Henrici, M. Gabriela Torres, Alitza Cardona, Anna Fairbairn, and Elizabeth Eaton

PH12 | Calculating the Social Vulnerability Index for Guam (2021)
Yvette C. Paulino, Grazyna Badowski, Jade S. N. Chennaux, Monica Guerrero, Casierra Cruz, Romina King, and Sela Panapasa

PH11 | Sharing During Disasters: Learning From Islands Preliminary Findings and Initial Implications for Action (2021)
Karl Kim, Jiwnath Ghimire, and Eric Yamashita

PH10 | Exploring the Long-Term Impact of Cascading Disasters in the U.S. Virgin Islands on High School Student and Teacher Mental Health and Resilience (2021)
Leonard Huggins and Ted Serrant

PH9 | Nonprofit Response to Concurrent and Consecutive Disaster Events in Puerto Rico (2021)
Ivis Garcia, Divya Chandrasekhar, N. Emel Ganapati, Kevin Fagundo Ojeda, Jose E Velazquez-Diaz, Kaila Witkowski, and Pablo Jose Rivera Miranda

PH8 | Frontline Government Workers: Assessing Post-Disaster Burnout and Quality of Life (2021)
Kula Francis, Nisha Clavier, and Kenny Hendrickson

PH7 | Excess Mortality and Associated Risk Factors Related to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (2021)
Kristen Cowan and Diego Zavala

PH6 | Compound Hazards, Evacuations, and Shelter Choices: Implications for Public Health Practices in the Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (2021)
Jennifer Collins, Amy Polen, Elizabeth Dunn, Leslie Maas Cortes, Erik Ackerson, Janis Valmond, Ernesto Morales, and Delián Colón-Burgos

PH5 | Relationships Between Distribution of Disaster Aid, Poverty, and Health in Puerto Rico (2021)
Alison Chopel, Antonio Fernós Sagebien, and Laura Gorbea Díaz

PH4 | Real-Time Migration Tracking to Puerto Rico after Natural Hazard Events (2021)
Alejandro Arrieta, Shu-Ching Chen, Juan Pablo Sarmiento, and Richard Olson

PH3 | When Nobody Came to Help Me: Protective Factors for College Students During Disasters in Puerto Rico (2021)
Maria L. Lara Hernandez, Félix A. López-Román, Elena Martínez-Torres, and Sol C. Molina-Parrilla

PH2 | The Effect of School Services Disruptions on Educational Outcomes After Consecutive Disasters in Puerto Rico (2021)
Eileen V. Segarra-Alméstica, Yolanda Cordero-Nieves, Héctor Cordero-Guzmán, José Caballero-Cueto, Indira Luciano-Montalvo, Sylvia Martínez-Mejias, and Hilda Rivera-Rivera

PH1 | Photovoice and Cultural Competence in Disaster Recovery in St. Croix (2021)
Monique Constance-Huggins and Alexis Sharpe