Public Health Community Engagement Briefs

Previous recipients of Public Health Disaster Research Awards are eligible to apply for Community Engagement Continuation Awards that support working with community partners to translate research findings into public health practice. The Community Engagement Briefs describe how recipients of these awards engaged with partners, applied their findings, and developed public health tools.

The following is a list of briefs that were produced by 2022 Continuation Award 1 recipients in Track 2 for Sustained Community Engagement and the Application of Public Health Research.

CB3 | Improving Disaster Information and Communication Technology Solutions In Puerto Rico: Co-Designed Community-Based Tabletop Exercises (2023)
Jasmine Yiyuan Qin, Wei-Ching Azury Lin, Pamela Silva Díaz, Natalia Arcila, Jonathan Sury, and Robert Soden

This project is part of a long-term, collaborative effort to develop re+connect—an information and communication technology (ICT) solution to improve mass care and sheltering during disasters in Puerto Rico. This team co-designed tabletop exercises with residents, community-based organizations, and humanitarian aid agencies to test how different user groups can use re+connect to achieve disaster management goals. Read this brief to learn more.

CB2 | Strengthening Disaster Preparedness and Response in the Northern Mariana Islands Through First Aid Training: The Basic Disaster First Aid Curriculum (2023)
Todd Miner, Tayna C. Belyeu-Camacho, Geraldine T. A. Rodgers, Patrick I. George, and Steven A. Aguon

This project aimed to strengthen community resilience in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands by developing a customized disaster first aid training program that could be taught by local instructors. Read this brief to learn more about how they developed a new curriculum—Basic Disaster First Aid—that teaches basic disaster response first aid skills to non-specialist community members from diverse backgrounds, including women and members of other vulnerable groups.

CB1 | Support for Frontline Government Workers At-Risk for Burnout in the U.S. Virgin Islands: The Coping With Burnout Webinar Series (2023)
Kula A. Francis, Kenny A. Hendrickson, and Anna M. Clarke

This continuation project tackled the realities of burnout among frontline government workers in the U.S. Virgin Islands whose jobs are becoming increasingly stressful as a result of cascading and compounding disasters. Read this brief to learn how they worked with experts in the field to develop the Coping with Burnout Webinar Series that teaches burnout coping strategies to managers and frontline workers from nine USVI government agencies.