Quick Response Reports

QR288 Social Vulnerability and the Role of Puerto Rico’s Healthcare Workers after Hurricane Maria (2018)
Skye Niles and Santina Contreras

QR285 The Effects of Displacement on Puerto Rican K-12 Students in Florida after Hurricane Maria (2018)
Molly Hamm-Rodríguez and Astrid Sambolín Morales

QR281 Exploring the Role of Implementing Agencies in Home Buyouts: Process, Equity, and Inclusion in Program Design and Implementation (2018)
Sherri Brokopp Binder and Alex Greer

QR279 ¡Puerto Rico Se Levanta!: Hurricane María and Narratives of Struggle, Resilience, and Migration (2018)
Ariana Valle

QR277 Building Back Better: Understanding How Health Considerations are Incorporated into Local Post-Disaster Recovery Implementation (2018)
Mallory Kennedy

QR276 Preliminary Findings from the Saint Thomas Strong Study (2018)
Laura Pittman

QR275 Understanding Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity to Large-Scale Power Failure in the United States (2018)
Paul Chakalian, Liza Kurtz, and David Hondula

QR272 Radio Practices and Their Impacts during Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (2018)
Bruno Takahashi, Yadira Nieves, and Manuel Chavez

QR271 The Power of Social Media: How Online Connections Expedited Public Services Following Hurricane Harvey (2018)
Courtney Page-Tan

QR269 The Relationship Between the Community Rating System Program and Business Disaster Recovery (2018)
Jenna Tyler

QR268 Gathering Places During the Short-Term Recovery Following Hurricane Harvey (2018)
Ronald Schumann and Mary Nelan

QR267 Evacuation Behavior Measured During an Evacuation Order (2017)
Jennifer Collins, Robin Ersing, Amy Polen, and Michelle Saunders

QR266 Post-Disaster Resettlement: The Transition to the New Community in Gramalote, Colombia (2015)
Anthony Oliver-Smith and Carlos Arenas

QR265 Evacuation Behavior Measured at Time of Expected Hurricane Landfall: An Assessment of the Effects of Social Networks (2015)
Jennifer Collins, Robin Ersing, and Amy Polen

QR264 Community Perceptions of Water Access and Availability: San Andrés Island, Colombian Caribbean (2015)
Carolina Velásquez

QR263 Engagement of Recovery Volunteers: East Texas 2015-2016 (2015)
Samantha Montano

QR262 Dynamics of Interorganizational Risk Management Networks During the 2015 MERS Response in South Korea (2015)
KyungWoo (John) Kim

QR260 Thundering Forward: Remembering Community Tragedy in Huntington, West Virginia (2015)
Mahauganee Shaw and Gregory Cherry

QR259 (Re)Building the State: Border Infrastructure, Chinese Development, and the Politics of Aid in Post-Earthquake Nepal (2015)
Galen Murton

QR258 Infant-Feeding, Maternal Vulnerability, and Well-Bring: The Case of Nepal Earthquake Recovery (2015)
Sarah DeYoung

QR257 Stress During Pregnancy Due to a Natural Disaster in Vanuatu: Effects on Infant Development in a Low-Middle Income Country (2015)
Kelsey Needham Dancause and Alysa Pomer

QR255 Investigating the Individual Experience in Extreme Heat (2015)
Evan Kuras

QR254 Information-Seeking in an Environmental Catastrophe: The Case of the Rio Sonora Copper Sulfate Acid Spill (2015)
Arthur Murphy

QR253 An Empirical Investigation of the Material Convergence Problem (2015)
Andrew Arnette and Christopher Zobel

QR252 High School Football as a Catalyst for Disaster Recovery: The Case of the November 17, 2013, Washington, Illinois Tornado (2014)
Nick Swope and Jack Rozdilsky

QR251 Social Media Use in the Face of Disaster: An Exploration of Communication Practices Among Stakeholders Affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines (2014)
Bruno Takahashi and Edson Tandoc

QR250 Understanding Household Recovery Following the Colorado Flash Floods (2013)
Andrew Rumbach, Carrie Makarewicz, Jeremy Nemeth, and Deborah Thomas

QR249 Problems Related to the Oil and Gas Industry During a Flood Disaster: The Nature and Extent of Citizen Complaints and Satisfaction with Government Responses (2014)
Tara Opsal and Tara O’Connor Shelley

QR248 Policy Learning and Community Recovery: Analyzing Responses to Colorado’s Extreme Flood Events of 2013 (2014)
Deserai Crow and Elizabeth Albright

QR247 Women in the Face of Disaster: Incorporating Gender Perspectives into Disaster Policy (2014)
Bridgette Cram

QR246 A Pilot Assessment of Psychological Factors Associated with Hurricane Sandy Preparedness in Post-Earthquake Haiti (2014)
Leah James

QR245 Spatial Patterns of Mortality Risk Within a Tornado Path: A Fine-Scale Spatial Analysis of Spatial Video-Collected Damage Data for the Newcastle-Moore Tornado of May 21, 2013 (2013)
Andrew Curtis, Spencer Baker, Xinyue Ye, Jacqueline Curtis, and Grant Floyd

QR244 Influence of Household Recovery Capacity and Urgency on Post-Disaster Relocation: A Case Study of The Rockaways, New York After Hurricane Sandy (2013)
Divya Chandrasekhar and Donovan Finn

QR243 Impacts of Superstorm Sandy on New York City’s New Waterfront Parks (2013)
Rutherford Platt

QR242 Resilience and Post-Disaster Relocation: A Study of New York's Home Buyout Plan in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy (2013)
Sherri Brokopp Binder

QR241 Partnership Behavior in Disaster Relief Operations: A Case Study of the Response to Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey (2013)
John Coles and Jun Zhuang

QR240 Querying Facility Management Teams: Document Preservation and Debris Removal for Cultural Collections (2013)
Paulette Hebert and Lori Schram

QR239 The Effects of Hurricane Sandy on the Homeless in New Jersey (2013)
Marc Settembrino

QR238 Assessing the Impacts of Hurricane Sandy on the Port of New York and New Jersey's Maritime Responders and Response Infrastructure (2013)
Tiffany Smythe

QR237 Community Resiliency and Emergency Management Networks Following the 2012 Korean Typhoons (2013)
Kyujin Jung

QR236 Spatial Patterns of Post-Wildfire Neighborhood Recovery: A Case Study From the Waldo Canyon Fire (Colorado Spring, Colorado, 2012) (2013)
Jacqueline Curtis, Andrew Curtis, Andrea Szell, Adam Cinderich

QR235 Animal Protection in Wildfires (2013)
Brenda D. Phillips, Dana M. Greene, Tamara Gull, Dave Neal, Tom Wikle, Alyssa Forsyth, Michael C. Fleming, Elizabeth Drain, Connie Yearwood, Brittany Koethner, Breanna Shunn, Audra Blasi, Debra Wagner, Cindy Webster, and Dean Findley

QR234 Government-to-Government Disaster Policy as the Northwest Burns: Housing Recovery on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation (2013)
Rachel Luft

QR233 Disaster Management With Limited Local Resources: The 2012 Illinois Leap Day EF-4 Tornado (2012)
Jack Rozdilsky

QR232 Interagency Coordination During Crisis: Experience From Flood and Landslide Response in Northwest China (2012)
Ziqiang Han

QR231 Community Resilience and Public Libraries: Post Crisis Information and Connectivity (2012)
Shari R. Veil and Bradley Wade Bishop

QR230 Merchant Coping Strategies in the Post-Disaster Context: Anthropological Perspectives From Dagupan City, Phillipines (2012)
Ty Matejowsky

QR229 Explaining Hurricane Evacuation Failure: The Role of Social Factors as Modifiers (2012)
Jennifer Horney and Kristen Ricchetti-Masterson

QR228 Quick Response Research on the September 8, 2011, San Diego Blackout (2011)
Scott Miles, Hannah Gallagher, and Charles Huxford

QR227 QF2011: The Effects of the Queensland Flood on Pregnant Women, Their Pregnancies, and Their Children’s Early Development (2011)
Anne-Marie Turcotte-Tremblay, David Laplante, and Suzanne King

QR226 Tornado Warnings and Tornado Fatalities: The Case of May 22, 2011 Tornado in Joplin, Missouri (2011)
Bimal Paul and Mitchel Stimers

QR225 Institutional and Local Responses to the 2011 Tohoku Disaster: Social Capital and Recovery (2011)
Daniel Aldrich

QR224 Investigation of Individual Spatial Awareness Relating to Response During the April 27, 2011 Tornado Outbreak (2011)
Kim Klockow

QR223 Mobile Home Resident Preparedness and Response to Tornado Warnings: The 27 April 2011 Disaster in DeKalb, County, Alabama (2011)
Philip L. Chaney, Greg Weaver, Susan Youngblood, and Kristin Pitts

QR222 Coordination of GIS and Remote Sensing Response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in Louisiana (2010)
Chris Badurek and John Pine

QR221 Perceptions of Recreancy in the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: A Study of Two Mississippi Coastal Communities (2010)
Jason Gordon

QR220 Media and the 'Politics of Disaster' in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean (2010)
Gabriela Hoberman

QR219 Responses to Mass-Fatalities in the Aftermath of 2010 Haiti Earthquake (2010)
Kailash Gupta and Abdul-Akeem Sadiq

QR218 Extent and Impact of Formal and Familial Material Aid Following the 2010 Earthquake Disaster in Haiti (2010)
Anna Versluis

QR217 An Exploratory Analysis of the Process to Receive Victims of the Haitian Earthquake and Its Impact on Immigration in the United States (2010)
Manuel Torres

QR216 Cross-Cultural Analysis of Responses to Mass Fatalities following 2009 Cyclone Aila in Bangladesh and India (2009)
Kailash Gupta

QR215 Operational Law In Disasters (2009) Julia Beckett, Nancy Grant, and Annemarie Scarisbrick-Hauser

QR214 Improving the Effectiveness of Local Emergency Management Networks: Focus on H1N1 (Swine Flu) Virus Outbreak in California (2009)
Sang Choi

QR212 The Role of Grassroots Organizations and Volunteers in Southeast Texas After Hurricane Ike (2008)
Robert Owen Gardner

QR211 Examination of Prices for Goods and Services in the Response and Recovery Phases Following Hurricane Ike (2008)
Robert Schwartz and Stacy Muffet-Willett

QR210 Pet Care Professionals' Preparedness for, Response to and Utilization of Resources During Hurricane Gustav (2008)
Andrea Schumacher, Kathleen Sherman-Morris, Sheldon Drobot, and Karen McNeal

QR209 Perceptions of Hurricane Destructiveness and Self-Reported Likelihood of Evacuation (2008)
Alan Stewart

QR208 Differential Social Vulnerability and Response to Hurricane Dolly Across the U.S.-Mexico Border (2008)
Isabelle Ruin, Cedar League, Mary Hayden, Barry Goldsmith, and Jeral Estupiñán

QR207 The January 5-6, 2008, California Winter Storm: Assessing Information Sources, Actions, and Damages (2008)
Sheldon Drobot, Craig Schmidt, Julie Demuth

QR206 Risk Perception Associated with the Evacuation and Return-Entry Process of the Cedar Rapids, Iowa Flood (2008)
Laura K. Siebeneck and Thomas Cova

QR205 Hazard Warnings and Compliance with Evacuation Orders: The Case of Bangladesh's Cyclone Sidr (2008)
Bimal Kanti Paul

QR204 Public Perception of Wildfire Smoke Hazard (2008)
Susan Macey

QR201 Large Scale Rooftop Search and Rescue: The Experience of Hurricane Katrina (2008)
Matin Katirai and David M. Simpson

QR196 Disaster in Kansas: The Tornado in Greensburg (2007)
Bimal Paul, Deborah Che, Mitchel Stimers, and Sohini Dutt

QR190 Community Impacts of Hurricane Ivan: A Case Study of Orange Beach, Alabama (2006)
J. Steven Picou and Cecelia Martin

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