Mary Fran Myers Gender and Disaster Award

As co-director of the Natural Hazards Center, Mary Fran Myers recognized that disaster vulnerability is influenced by social, cultural, and economic structures that marginalize women and girls. The Natural Hazards Center and the Gender & Disaster Network established the Mary Fran Myers Gender and Disaster Award in 2002 to honor women and men whose advocacy, research, or management efforts have had a lasting, positive impact on reducing disaster vulnerability. Award winners, both individuals and organizations, have contributed to gender and disaster knowledge or furthered opportunities for women to succeed in the field.

The final Mary Fran Myers Gender and Disaster Award was awarded to the Gender & Disaster Network in 2022. As we close this award opportunity, we would like to extend our thanks to those who have assisted with the award administration and selection for the past 20 years, as well as our deepest gratitude to those who embody the spirit and advance the work of Mary Fran Myers.

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