Mitigation Matters Reports

MM14 | Does Post-Disaster Recovery Funding Promote Mitigation in Small Businesses? (2022)
Sua Kim and Divya Chandrasekhar

MM13 | From the Ashes: Mitigation Policy After Wildfire in California (2022)
Ronald Schumann, Miranda H. Mockrin, Sherri Brokopp Binder, and Alex Greer

MM12 | Disaster Risk Communication and Digital Vulnerability Among Subsidized Housing Residents (2023)
Yan Wang, Haiyan Hao, and Seungbeom Kang

MM11 | Rebuilding after a Tornado: The Role of Homeowners Insurance in Recovery (2022)
Ji Yun Lee and Guirong (Grace) Yan

MM10 | What Drives Hazard Mitigation Policy Adoption?: FEMA’s Property Buyout Program in Virginia Counties (2022)
Qiong Wang, Yang Zhang, and Kristin Owen

MM9 | Behavior Analysis of Socially Vulnerable Households Responding to Planned Power Shutoffs (2022)
Youngjib Ham and Seulbi Lee

MM8 | Understanding the Impacts of Managed Retreat and Resettlement on Informal Communities (2022)
Monique A. Lorenzo Pérez and Santina Contreras

MM7 | The Effect of Federal Recovery Funds on Mitigation Behavior (2021)
Maria Watson and Siyu Yu

MM6 | Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning for Public Housing in Salt Lake County, Utah (2021)
Sayma Khajehei and Divya Chandrasekhar

MM5 | Risk Communication to Motivate Flood and Hurricane Risk Mitigation: Developing and Testing Social Norms and Self-Efficacy Messages (2021)
JungKyu Rhys Lim

MM4 | Burning Down the House: Flame Imagery, Risk Communication, and Household Behavior (2022)
Hilary Byerly

MM3 | The Art of Getting By: Ad Hoc Adaptations to Climate Change in Coastal Communities (2021)
Brianna Castro

MM2 | Valuing Reef Ecosystem Services: Centering Community Voices to Mitigate Hazards (2021)
Kelly Dunning

MM1 | The Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Mitigation Nexus: The Pamunkey Indian Reservation (2021)
Nicole S. Hutton and Thomas R. Allen