Working Papers

WP110 Survivors as Experts: A Community Evaluation of Disaster Recovery in Northeast Houston (2021)
Ben Lacy Hirsch, Becky Selle, Doris Brown, Alice Liu, Mal Moses, Mashal Awais, Myrtala Tristan, Ann Weston, Hortencia Hurtado, Vatsala Mundra, and Melissa Villarreal

WP109 Designing Educational Opportunities for the Hazards Manager of the 21st Century (2004)
Deborah Thomas and Dennis Mileti

WP108 Emergency Management in the 21st Century: Dealing with Al Qaeda, Tom Ridge, and Julie Gerberding (2004)
Claire B. Rubin

WP107 Major Terrorism Events and Their Outcomes (1988-2001) (2003)
Claire B. Rubin, William R. Cumming, Irmak Renda-Tanali, and Thomas Birkland

WP106 Construction of Hazard Perception and Activism on the Internet: Amplifying Trivial Risks and Obfuscating Serious Ones (2001)
Christine M. Rodrigue

WP105 Challenges in Designing Spatial Decision Support Systems for Evacuation Planning (2000)
F. Nisha de Silva

WP104 Emergency Management in the 21st Century: Coping with Bill Gates, Osama bin-Laden, and Hurricane Mitch (2000)
Claire B. Rubin

WP103 Mitigation and the Consequences of International Aid in Postdisaster Reconstruction (2000)
Priya Ranganath

WP102 A Review of the Literature and Programs on Local Recovery from Disaster (1999)
Jeanine Petterson

WP101 A Case Study of Re-establishing a Utah Seismic Safety Commission (1998)
Elliott Mittler

WP100 Network Without Center? A Case Study of an Organizational Network Responding to an Earthquake (1998)
Aldo A. Benini

WP99 What Hazards and Disasters are Likely in the 21st Century - or Sooner? (1998)
Claire B. Rubin

WP98 A Case Study of Florida's Emergency Management Since Hurricane Andrew (1998)
Elliott Mittler

WP97 A Case Study of the Enactment of a State Building Code in South Carolina (1998)
Elliott Mittler

WP96 A Case Study of Florida's Homeowners' Insurance Since Hurricane Andrew (1998)
Elliott Mittler

WP94 Hurricane Damage to Residential Structures: Risk and Mitigation (1996)
Jon K. Ayscue

WP93 Renewing FEMA: Remaking Emergency Management (1995)
Richard T. Sylves

WP92 National Earthquake Probabilistic Hazard Mapping Program: Lessons for Knowledge Transfer (1996)
Elliott Mittler, Craig Taylor, and William Petak

WP91 The Hyatt Skywalk Disaster and Other Lessons in the Regulation of Building (1995)
William L. Waugh, Jr., and Ronald John Hy

WP90 Dreading the Next Wave: Nontraditional Settlement Patterns and Typhoon Threats on Contemporary Majuro Atoll (1995)
Dirk H.R. Spennemann

WP89 The Southern California Fires of 1993: Coping in Orange County (1995)
Sandra Sutphen

WP88 Natural Disaster Management in Korea: An Analytic Study with Policy Implications (1994)
Wook-Joong Kim

WP87 Insurance and Natural Disasters: An Examination of the New Zealand Earthquake and War Damage Commission (1994)
Arnold R. Parr

WP86 The Utilization of Amateur Radio in Disaster Communications (1994)
Lynn Ellen Edwards

WP85 The Evolution of Flood Hazards Programs in Asia: The Current Situation (1993)
James L. Wescoat, Jr. and Jeffrey W. Jacobs

WP84 The Public Policy Response to Hurricane Hugo in South Carolina (1993)
Elliott Mittler

WP83 Natural Hazard Trends in the United States: A Preliminary Review for the 1990s (1993)
Pamela Sands Showalter, William E. Riebsame, and Mary Fran Myers

WP82 Biological Hazards and Emergency Management (1992)
Janet K. Bradford, Chris Hatcher, Raymond A. Zilinskas, Stanley Wiener, M.D., Clinton R. VanZandt, Peter F. Bahnsen, and William M. Medigovich

WP81 Sullivan's Island, South Carolina - The Hurricane Hugo Experience: The First Nine Months (1993)
Jamie W. Moore and Dorothy P. Moore

WP80 Living in the Aftermath: Blaming Processes in the Loma Prieta Earthquake (1992)
Brenda Phillips, with Mindy Ephraim

WP79 Public Perception of Disaster Preparedness Presentations Using Disaster Damage Images (1992)
Rocky Lopes

WP78 Natural Disasters as the Cause of Technological Emergencies: A Review of the Decade (1992)
Pamela Sands Showalter and Mary Fran Myers

WP77 Five Views of the Flood Action Plan for Bangladesh (1992)
James L. Wescoat, Jr., Jahir Uddin Chowdhury, Dennis J. Parker, Habibul Haque Khondker, L. Douglas James, and Keith Pitman

WP76 The Impact of Hazard Area Disclosure on Property Values in Three New Zealand Communities (1992)
Burrell E. Montz

WP75 Convergence Revisited: A New Perspective on a Little Studied Topic (1992)
Joseph Scanlon

WP74 The Role of Emotion in Organizational Response to a Disaster: An Ethnographic Analysis of Videotapes of the Exxon Valdez Accident (1992)
Ruth E. Cohn and William A. Wallace

WP73 Hurricane Hugo's Impact on the Virgin Islands (1992)
Cora L.E. Christian

WP72 Perestroika's Effects on Natural Disaster Response in the Soviet Union, 1985-90 (1991)
Holly Strand

WP71 Field Observations in Memphis During the New Madrid Earthquake "Projection"; of 1990: How Pseudoscience Affected a Region (1991)
Pamela Sands Showalter

WP70 The Psychosocial Process of Adjusting to Natural Disasters (1991)
Lewis Apetkar

WP69 Disaster Recovery After Hurricane Hugo in South Carolina (1991)
Claire B. Rubin and Roy Popkin

WP68 Flood Insurance and Relief in the U.S. and Britain (1990)
John V. Handmer

WP67 Hurricane Gilbert: The Media's Creation of the Storm of the Century (1989)
Henry W. Fischer III

WP66 Utilization of the Mortgage Finance and Insurance Industries to Induce the Private Procurement of Earthquake Insurance: Possible Antitrust Implications (1989)
James M. Brown and Peter M. Gerhert

WP65 The Greenhouse Effect: Recent Research and Some Implications for Water Resources Management (1989)
Jeffrey W. Jacobs and William E. Riebsame

WP64 Climate Change and Water Resources in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Region of California (1988)
William E. Riebsame and Jeffrey W. Jacobs

WP63 Emergency Public Information: A Quick Response Study of Coalinga (1989)
Geoffrey P. Stockdale and Rahul Sood

WP62 Primary Mental Health Care in Disasters: Armero Colombia (1988)
Bruno R. Lima, Shaila Pai, Hernan Santacruz, Julio Lozano, and Jairo Luna

WP61 The Local Economic Effects of Natural Disasters (1987)
Anthony M. Yezer and Claire B. Rubin

WP60 Post-Impact Field Studies of Disasters and Sociological Theory Construction (1987)
Robert A. Stallings

WP59 Have Waste, Will Travel: An Examination of the Implications of High-Level Nuclear Waste Transportation (1987)
Ann FitzSimmons

WP58 Gender Vulnerability to Drought: A Case Study of the Hausa Social Environment (1987)
Richard A. Schroeder

WP57 The 1982 Urban Landslide Disaster at Ancona, Italy (1986)
David Alexander

WP56 The Role of the Black Media in Disaster Reporting to the Black Community (1986)
Charles H. Beady, Jr. and Robert C. Bolin

WP55 Disaster Preparedness and the 1984 Earthquakes in Central Italy (1986)
David Alexander

WP54 The Environmental Hazards of Colorado Springs (1985)
Eve Gruntfest and Thomas Huber

WP53 Local Reaction to Acquisition: An Australian Study (1985)
John W. Handmer

WP52 The Effects of Flood Hazard Information Disclosure by Realtors: The Case of the Lower Florida Keys (1985)
John Cross

WP51 Emergency Planning: The Case of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant (1985)
June Belletto de Pujo

WP50 Restoration and Recovery Following the Coalinga Earthquake of May, 1983 (1984)
Steven P. French, Craig A. Ewing, and Mark S. Isaacson

WP49 A Political Economy Approach to Hazards: A Case Study of California Lenders and the Earthquake Threat (1984)
Sallie Marston

WP48 The Nino as a Natural Hazard: Its Role in the Development of Cultural Complexity on the Peruvian Coast (1983)
Joseph J. Lischka

WP47 Disseminating Disaster-Related Information to Public and Private Users (1982)
Claire B. Rubin

WP46 Emergency Planning Implications of Local Governments' Responses to Mount St. Helens (1982)
Jack D. Kartez

WP45 Trends and Developments in Global Natural Disasters, 1947 to 1981 (1982)
Stephen A. Thompson

WP44 Agroclimatic Hazard Perception, Prediction and Risk-Avoidance Strategies in Lesotho (1982)
Gene C. Wilken

WP43 Emergency Response to Mount St. Helens' Eruption: March 20- April 10, 1980 (1981)
J.H. Sorensen

WP42 Notices, Watches, and Warnings: An Appraisal of the USGS's Warning System with a Case Study from Kodiak, Alaska (1981)
Thomas F. Saarinen and Harold J. McPherson

WP41 Mass Media Operations in a Quick-Onset Natural Disaster: Hurricane David in Dominica (1981)
Everett Rogers and Rahul Sood

WP40 Our Usual Landslide: Ubiquitous Hazard and Socioeconomic Causes of Natural Disaster in Indonesia (1981)
Susan E. Jeffery

WP39 Effects of a Natural Disaster on Local Mortgage Markets: The Pearl River Flood in Jackson, Mississippi - April 1979 (1980)
Dan R. Anderson and Maurice Weinrobe

WP38 Archeological Studies of Disaster: Their Range and Value (1980)
Payson D. Sheets

WP37 Vulnerability to a Natural Hazard: Geomorphic, Technological, and Social Change at Chiswell, Dorset (1979)
James Lewis

WP36 Locus of Control, Repression-Sensitization and Perception of Earthquake Hazard (1978)
Paul Simpson-Housley

WP35 Hazard Mitigation Behavior of Urban Flood Plain Residents (1978)
Marvin Waterstone

WP34 Human Response to Hurricanes in Texas - Two Studies (1978)
Sally Davenport

WP33 Natural Hazard Response and Planning in Tropical Queensland (1978)
John Oliver

WP32 What People Did During the Big Thompson Flood (1977)
Eve C. Gruntfest

WP31 Warning for Flash Floods in Boulder, Colorado (1977)
Thomas E. Downing

WP30 An Overview of Drought in Kenya: Natural Hazards Research Paradigm (1976)
B. Wisner

WP29 Flood Insurance and Community Planning (1976)
N. Baumann and R. Emmer

WP28 Toward an Evaluation of Policy Alternatives Governing Hazard- Zone Land Uses (1976)
E.J. Baker

WP27 The Consequences of Large-Scale Evacuation Following Disaster: The Darwin, Australia Cyclone Disaster of December 25, 1974 (1976)
J.E. Haas, H.C. Cochrane, and D.G. Eddy

WP26 Global Trends in Natural Disasters, 1947-1973 (1974)
Judith Dworkin

WP25 Social Science Perspectives on the Coming San Francisco Earthquake - Economic Impact, Prediction, and Construction (1974)
H. Cochrane, J.E. Haas, M. Bowden, and R. Kates

WP24 Drought Compensation Payments in Israel (1973)
Dan Yarden

WP23 Human Impact of the Managua Earthquake Disaster (1973)
R.W. Kates, J.E. Haas, D.J. Amaral, R.A. Olson, R. Ramos, and R. Olson

WP22 Annotated Bibliography on Natural Hazards (1972)
Anita Cochran

WP21 Notes on Insurance Against Loss from Natural Hazards (1971)
Christopher K. Vaughan

WP20 The New Zealand Earthquake and War Damage Commission - A Study of a National Natural Hazard Insurance (1971)
Timothy O'Riordan

WP19 Human Adjustment to Agricultural Drought in Tanzania: Pilot Investigations (1971)
L. Berry, T. Hankins, R.W. Kates, L. Maki, and P. Porter

WP18 Human Adjustment to Cyclone Hazards: A Case Study of Char Jabbar (1971)
M. Aminul Islam

WP17 Economic Analysis of Natural Hazards: A Preliminary Study of Adjustment to Earthquakes and Their Costs (1971)
Tapan Mukerjee

WP16 Suggestions for Comparative Field Observations on Natural Hazards (1970)

WP15 Some Theoretical Aspects of Attitudes and Perception (1970)
Myra Schiff

WP14 Natural Hazard in Human Ecological Perspective: Hypotheses and Models (1970)
Robert W. Kates

WP13 Perception and Awareness of Air Pollution in Toronto (1970)
Andris Auliciems and Ian Burton

WP12 Technical Services for the Urban Floodplain Property Manager: Organization of the Design Problem (1969)
Kenneth Cypra and George Peterson

WP11 A Pilot Survey of Global Natural Disasters of the Past Twenty Years (1969)
Lesley Sheehan and Kenneth Hewitt

WP10 Losses from Natural Hazards (1969)
Clifford S. Russell

WP09 Human Behavior Before the Disaster: A Selected Annotated Bibliography (1969)
Stephen Golant

WP08 Probabilistic Approaches to Discrete Natural Events: A Review and Theoretical Discussion (1969)
Kenneth Hewitt

WP07 The Meaning of a Hazard - Application of the Semantic Differential (1969)
Stephen Golant and Ian Burton

WP06 Avoidance-Response to the Risk Environment (1969)
Stephen Golant and Ian Burton

WP05 Differential Response to Stress in Natural and Social Environments: An Application of a Modified Resenzweig Picture- Frustration Test (1969)
Mary Barker and Ian Burton

WP04 A Selected Bibliography of Coastal Erosion, Protection and Related Human Activity in North America and the British Isles (1968)
J.K. Mitchell

WP03 Water Quality and the Hazard to Health: Placarding Public Beaches (1968)
J.M. Hewlings

WP02 Annotated Bibliography on Snow and Ice Problems (1968)
E.C. Relph and S.B. Goodwillie

WP01 The Human Ecology of Extreme Geophysical Events (1968)
Ian Burton, Robert W. Kates, and Gilbert F. White