Conferences and Events

August 6-9, 2018
PRiMO Conference
Pacific Risk Management ‘Ohana
Honolulu, Hawaii
Cost and Registration: $490 before June 30, open until filled

This conference will focus on the role of technology in reducing disaster risk, as well as its potential for unintended consequences. Topics will include learning how to crowdsource elements of response and recovery, balancing innovative technologies with traditional and indigenous practices, improving storm prediction science, and securing data against hacking.

August 27-19, 2018
California Adaptation Forum
The Local Government Commission
Sacramento, California
Cost and Registration: $600, open until filled

This forum will recognize successes and inspire climate-related action in areas such as energy, sustainable communities, land and ocean management, and investment and economy. Topics include social justice and adaptation, creative resilience planning, wildfire resilient communities, transportation solutions, resilient watersheds, psychosocial climate threats, and the intersection of the natural and built environments.

August 29-31, 2018
Asia Risk and Resilience Conference
Business Continuity Planning Asia
Cost and Registration: $1,599, open until filled

This conference will focus on how corporate governance can lead the charge for more resilient organizations. Topics include risk resilience in global healthcare agencies, incident response during crisis, successful business continuity exercises, terrorist threats to corporations, and resilience for small- to medium-sized businesses.

September 6-7, 2018
Australian Resilience Conference
Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience
Perth, Australia
Cost and Registration: $408, open until filled

The inaugural conference will examine resilience actions ranging from global-scale initiatives to grassroots efforts and the way that strong communities enhance recovery. Topics include connecting communities with emergency organizations, the role of industry and farming in resilience, child-centered resilience, education partnerships, indigenous disaster resilience, animal welfare, and disaster storytelling.

September 17-18, 2018
Public Health and Disasters Conference
University of Utah School of Medicine
West Jordan, Utah
Cost and Registration: $195, open until filled

This conference will focus on the impacts of disasters in the systemwide public health sphere. Topics include the role of science in public health preparedness and response, Hurricane Harvey’s impact on medical and healthcare infrastructures, water sanitation in emergencies, fire and public health, infectious disease response planning, and collaborations between health care and public health during disasters.

September 26-27, 2018
ASTHO Annual Meeting
Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
Alexandria, Virginia
Cost and Registration: $899, open until filled

This meeting will share information and best practices from public health leaders nationwide. This year’s meeting will focus building healthy and resilient communities. Topics include creating place-based models for public health, capacity building for biosecurity, mentoring the next generation of public health leaders, the intersection of public health and health care, and telling public health stories.

November 7-9, 2018
2018 National Disaster Resilience Conference
Federal Alliance for Safe Homes
Clearwater Beach, Florida
Cost and Registration: $375, open until filled

This conference will explore the latest research in creating disaster-resilient buildings and communities. Topics include increasing risk communication in and across communities, encouraging stakeholders to invest in better building design, encouraging new research around innovative resilience policy, and key take-aways from 2017 disasters.