Research Counts

Mass Sheltering and Disasters Special Collection

The Natural Hazards Center has once again partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to bring you a focused collection of Research Counts. This latest collection examines the public health aspects of mass sheltering and care with a special focus on at-risk populations.

Mass shelters are a critical, life-saving component of emergency response that provide communities with food, clean water, medical care, and other essential resources during a disaster. Substantial planning and coordination is needed to operate these facilities and ensure that the needs of disaster-affected populations are met. The forthcoming special collection features articles, public health implications, further readings, and tools for practitioners. Drawing on the findings of a recent Government Accountability Office report, the collection is organized into the following four overarching themes:

  • Roles and Responsibilities for Shelter Operations
  • Leveraging Community Groups for Coordination of Mass Care
  • Mass Care Delivery and Capability Assessments
  • Mass Sheltering for At-Risk Populations

Research Counts articles are intended for a broad audience of public health practitioners, emergency managers, policy makers, journalists, and others interested in the impacts of disaster. Please check back as this special collection will begin publishing in August.