North American and Caribbean Hazards and Disaster Research Centers

In an effort to increase collaboration and access to emerging research, the Natural Hazards Center has compiled information on more than a hundred hazards and disaster research centers at academic institutions in North America and the Caribbean. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of centers doing work on a wide range of social science, public health, and engineering research.

The map below highlights the centers by geographic location. Just click on the locators to view a pop-up menu with basic information about each center and a link to further resources. You might need to zoom in closely on areas containing multiple centers in close proximity. A list of centers by state is also included beneath the map.

The current list of centers represents our initial effort in this ongoing project. Next steps include updating the North American center list and creating similar maps and listings for other regions of the world.

If you’d like your center listed on this page, or if you’d like to update or add information to a center currently on the map, please contact Mason Mathews at

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