North American Academic Hazards and Disaster Research Centers

This page includes information on 107 academic hazards and disaster research centers in the United States and Canada. The map at the top of the page highlights the centers by geographic location; all of the centers are also listed below the map. The centers work on a wide array of social science, public health, and engineering research activities. Please click on the dots on the map to obtain basic information regarding each center (and note that when there are multiple centers in close geographic proximity, you will need to zoom in more closely on the map to see all of the dots). If cannot find your center on the map, or if you click on your center and find erroneous or missing information please contact Mason Mathews at

Also, please note that this is our first wave of updating the academic centers list. Next we will be creating a similar map and listing for other regions of the world. So please do reach out to the Natural Hazards Center and share your information.

United States