This page includes an introductory video that explains the vision and potential uses for the Global Hazards and Disaster Research Center map. You will also find a series of brief video tutorials to help you use the map.


This video provides an overview of the National Science Foundation-supported Global Hazards and Disasters Research Centers Map and List. Please watch this brief video to learn more about using the map to locate over 350 academic hazards and disasters research centers; the inspiration behind creating the map; and the map’s organization.

Information Summary Tutorial

The Info Summary widget can be used to generate a list of research centers in a geographic area, information about their affiliations, and links to their websites.

Near Me Widget Tutorial

The Near Me widget allows users to find hazards and disasters research centers within a buffer surrounding a defined address or location, and then to view information about those centers.

Screening Widget Centers Map

The Screening widget allows users to select an area of interest and view a report of the hazards and disasters research centers located in that area.