January 26-31, 2016
Emergency Services Midwest Conference
Wisconsin EMS Association
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Cost and Registration: $320, open until filled
This conference will provide education and support for emergency service personnel working in multiple disciplines. Topics include EMT street smarts, trauma case studies, extrications, volunteer management, redesigning EMS systems, establishing command, avoiding tactical breakdown, and social media for emergency services.

March 1-3, 2016
RES/CON New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana
Cost and Registration: $375 before January 15, open until filled
This conference, previously known as the International Disaster and Conference Expo, will focus on disaster and resiliency in a global environment. Topics include economic resilience, emergency management, coastal restoration and water management, homeland security, and business continuity.

March 2-4, 2016
Global Climate Observation Conference
Global Climate Observing System, United Nations Environment Program, and others
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Cost and Registration: No cost, register before February 15
This conference will support the work of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change by defining essential climate variables and working toward a fully implemented, sustainable, global observing system for climate. Topics include the performance and adequacy of current climate observations, plans for future global observations, communicating climate science, and diverse user needs.

March 21-23, 2016
Power Grid Resilience Summit
IQ Energy and Utilities
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cost and Registration: $600 before January 8, open until filled
This summit will provide guidance on conducting vulnerability assessments, planning anti-terrorism strategies, and making power grids less susceptible to disruption. Topics include physical security technology, mitigating risk for electric power industries, protecting infrastructure, balancing preparedness and resiliency, navigating regulatory environments, and modernizing electric grids.

April 11-15, 2016
Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference
International Association of Wildland Fire
Portland, Oregon
Cost and Registration: $550 before February 12, open until filled
This conference will advance concepts of fire behavior and fuel management for wildland fires. Topics include prescribed burning, fire and smoke modeling, community partnerships, fire and climate change, incident management, firefighter safety, risk assessment, incident management, and lessons learned.