November 18-23, 2014
Georisk 2014
International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
Madrid, Spain
Cost and Registration: $542 before November 10, open until filled

This conference will focus on effective geophysical risk assessment, forecasting, and management. Topics include modeling and assessment of geophysical hazards, vulnerability assessment, early warning systems, and communication protocols and practices.

December 10-11, 2014
Middle East Resilience Conference
International Association of Emergency Managers
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Cost and Registration: $800, open until December 1

This conference will promote emergency management principles and train professionals using theoretical and practical methods, with an emphasis on building resilience in the Middle East. Topics include embracing the unthinkable, strengthening national resilience, the 100 Resilient Cities program, building silos of resilience, and knowing your risk.

February 10-12, 2015
International Disaster Conference and Expo
International Disaster Conference and Expo
New Orleans, Louisiana
Cost and Registration: $375 before December 5, open until filled

This conference will explore public and private disaster response from an international perspective and offer solutions to prevent property loss in catastrophes. Topics include, emergency management resilience, response and recovery technology innovations, public health and medical management, animals in disasters, and insurance considerations.

February 23-25, 2015
National Tornado Summit
University of Central Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Cost and Registration: $225 before December 5, open until filled

This summit will provide insights on improving mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery to save lives and property in the United States. Topics include emergency management planning after disaster, the effect of climate change on severe weather, alternative building materials, improving building codes, increasing public safety, and enhancing storm shelters.

March 22-25, 2015
Spring World 2015
Disaster Recovery Journal
Orlando, Florida
Cost and Registration: $1,095 before January 23, open until filled

This conference focuses on providing continuity managers with the information they need to conduct efficient disaster recovery. Topics include global resiliency, cloud computing, cybersecurity, industry regulations, and challenges faced by senior continuity practitioners.