November 18-20, 2014
Business Preparedness and Business Continuity Conference
Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce Council
Vancouver, Canada
Deadline and Registration: $720, open until filled

This conference will address the need for awareness and guidelines for emergency preparedness in healthcare facilities, provide emergency response resources for practitioners, and examine recent disasters. Topics include catastrophic earthquake preparedness, municipal flood bylaws, using social media for emergency warnings, West Coast tsunami innovations, and climate adaptation for local governments.

December 3-4, 2014
Public Awareness as a cornerstone of Disaster Risk Reduction Conference
Emergency Channel Information Center
Yerevan, Armenia
Deadline and Registration: Free, open until filled

This conference will look at emergency communication and public awareness in the context of disaster risk reduction. The aim of the conference is to collect feedback to be presented at the 2015 Disaster Risk Reduction World Conference in Sendai, Japan. Topics include lessons by disasters, effective information management, safety culture and kids, how media and information agencies operate in emergencies, public awareness indicators, and the humanitarian experience in communication and public awareness.

December 3-5, 2014
15th U.S.-Japan Workshop on Improvement of Structural Engineering and Resiliency
Applied Technology Council
Kohala Coast, Hawaii
Cost and Registration: $575 before November 26, open until filled

This conference will develop policy recommendations for community resilience with a focus on building resiliency, reducing economic losses, and speeding recovery and reconstruction following natural disasters. Topics include risk identification and reduction, performance-based engineering, multihazards resiliency modeling, the reconstruction and recovery process, and humanitarian engineering.

December 10-11, 2014
2014 ISDS Conference
International Society for Disease Surveillance
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cost and Registration: $655 before November 17, open until filled

This conference highlights key challenges for the public health surveillance community, including incorporating the latest approaches, methodologies, and results into data-driven practices, programs, and policies. Topics include biosurveillance and policy issues, mapping using ArcGIS, data systems and algorithms, and the basics of biosurveillance.

February 23-25, 2015
Climate Leadership Conference
The Climate Registry, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, and others
Washington, D.C.
Cost and Registration: Not Listed
This conference will examine climate change through the lenses of policy, innovation, and business solutions. Topics include climate policy and carbon markets, identifying climate risks, using data to inform climate strategies, cultivating employee engagement, the energy-water nexus, long-term energy planning, climate risk and the supply chain, and climate projections and implications.