April 25-28, 2017
Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine
World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine
Toronto, Canada
Cost and Registration: $1,000, open until filled

This conference focuses on emergency medical care, disaster health and response, and emergency public health and safety. Topics include pediatric disaster medicine, medical response to terrorist attacks, measuring disaster preparedness, implementing the Sendai Framework, veterinary medicine and animal care, establishing a national CBRN systems for hospitals, ethical dilemmas in humanitarian response, and the case studies of psychosocial impacts from Haiti and Hurricane Matthew.

May 6-9, 2017
National Planning Conference
American Planning Association
New York, New York
Cost and Registration: $1,050, open until filled

This conference will look at the latest trends and challenges that are shaping the way planners do their work, including planning for resilience. Topics include planning for community health, reshaping coastal development, building resilient cities, implementing sustainable development goals, planning urban water management, reinventing infrastructure, and post-Sandy resilience planning in New York.

May 16-19, 2017
Floodplain Management Australia National Conference
Floodplain Management Australia
New South Wales, Australia
Cost and Registration: $1,035, open until filled

This conference will examine past lessons from Australian flood management in the context of future floods. Topics include shelter-in-place policies, flood data collection techniques, residential design in floods, estimating flood risk, rainfall and runoff, improving community engagement, flash flood alert services, and levee management.

May 22-23, 2017
Multi-Hazard Early Warning Conference
World Meteorological Organization, UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, and Others
Cancun, Mexico
Cost and Registration: By Invitation, registration limited

This conference will examine how nations can improve the availability of multi-hazard early risk warnings, risk information, and risk assessments. Topics include risk-informed early warnings, hazard monitoring and forecasting, enabling early action, strengthening regional cooperation, and investing in early warnings.

May 23-26, 2017
Fourth International Congress on Risks
Coimbra, Portugal
Cost and Registration: $375, open until filled

This conference focuses on natural and man-made risks and the ways in which they influence each other. Topics include risk theory and concepts, communication of risks, risk awareness, disaster prediction and mitigation, risk analysis and management, perceptions of danger, and case studies of recent hazards.