November 4-6, 2015
2015 Canadian Risk and Hazards Network Symposium
Canadian Risk and Hazards Network
Calgary, Canada
Cost and Registration: $630, open until filled

This symposium will deconstruct disaster resilience using multifaceted discussions of the factors that contribute to hazards and how they can be addressed during all phases of disaster. Topics include scientific communication and psychosocial impacts of disaster, spontaneous volunteers, resilience among indigenous people, children’s needs in emergency planning, using the HAZUS model for Canadian disaster losses, and managing construction projects after disaster.

November 17-19, 2015
Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Conference
Pacific Northwest Preparedness Society and the Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce Council
Vancouver, Canada
Cost and Registration: $630 before October 23, open until filled

This conference will look at a broad perspective of emergency preparedness and business continuity issues with an emphasis on preparedness awareness, emergency social services, healthcare facilities, and recent disasters. Topics include disaster staging, emergency plan audits, critical infrastructure assessments for local authorities, pets in disaster, cybersecurity and business continuity, aviation interoperability for emergency response, and communicating dam risk.

November 19-22, 2015
Second World Congress on Disaster Management
Disaster Management, Infrastructure and Control Society
Visakhapatnam, India
Cost and Registration: $310 before November 19, open until filled

This conference will address linkages in environmental, technical, social, and economic risks, as well as examine initiatives for building resilience. Topics include earthquakes, rescue and evacuation, chemical and nuclear threats, medical and healthcare response, crisis communication, infrastructure management during disasters, and media and disasters.

November 23-25, 2015
Practitioners’ Workshop on Risk Reduction and Resilience in Asia
Asian Disaster Preparedness Network
Bangkok, Thailand
Cost and Registration: Contact Workshop Organizers

This workshop will reflect on the outcomes of the Sendai Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and how to translate the commitments made there into practice. Themes of the workshop include enhancing community resilience, expanding preparedness, guiding risk-informed development, and mainstreaming disaster risk reduction across sectors.

December 1-4, 2015
National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference
National Healthcare Coalition Resource Center
San Diego, California
Cost and Registration: $575 before October 29, open until filled

This conference will examine issues related to disasters and emergencies from the perspective of community healthcare coalitions. Topics include hospital planning for pediatric disasters, communicating disease risk, integrating homelessness into disaster response, Ebola readiness, federal initiatives in emergency management and health care, biopreparedness, regional approaches to infectious disease, and resilience in behavioral health care.

December 8-10, 2015
AHIMTA Educational Symposium
All Hazards Incident Management Teams Association
Denver, Colorado
Cost and Registration: $340 before November 1, open until filled

This conference will address challenges faced by incident command professionals and focus on building leadership skills. Topics include all-hazards search and rescue, situational awareness and social media, rural departments in large-scale incidents, National Guard roles in all-hazards response, and traffic incident management.