October 3, 2018
QuakeSmart Preparedness Workshop
Federal Alliance for Safe Homes
Jackson, Wyoming
Cost and registration: Free, open until filled

This workshop will help businesses prepare to withstand an earthquake physically and economically. Topics include business continuity planning, preparing for business disruptions caused by quakes, planning retrofit projects, identifying mitigation needs, and getting prepared using the QuakeSmart Community Resilience Plan.

October 3-5, 2018
APA Colorado State Conference
Colorado American Planning Association
Keystone, Colorado
Cost and Registration: $500, open until filled

This conference will address ideas and concepts relevant to planners as participants work towards defining the keystones of planning. Topics include legislative updates, historic preservation, planning ethics, transportation management, integrating health into the built environment, water conservation, and planning for uncertainty.

October 4, 2018
2018 Resilience Summit
Boulder County and Foothills United Way
Boulder, Colorado
Cost and Registration: Free, open until filled

This summit will focus on how resilience resources are delivered and accessed in different cultural, organizational, and geographic environments. Topics include communicating across divides, cultural responsiveness, capacity building, models for connecting people with safety nets, and best practices in engaging cultural brokers.

October 19-24, 2018
IAEM Annual Conference
International Association of Emergency Managers
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Cost and Registration: $930, open until filled

This conference will covers a wide range of emergency management issues and opportunities, as well as provides training, certification, and event options. Topics include disaster management for healthcare, children in disaster, community preparedness for cyberevents, active shooter response, psychological effect of mass tragedies, successful public private partnerships, using data in emergency planning, debris management, collaborating with the public, using drones for emergency response, radiological emergencies, and critical asset management.

December 3-4, 2018
National Geospatial Preparedness Summit
National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation and the Natural Hazards Center
Boulder, Colorado
Cost and Registration: $800, free for public sector participants, open until filled

This summit is dedicated to advancing the use of technology among first responders. Topics include Web GIS for public safety, emerging technology for crisis management, collecting field data, solutions for community information sharing, mutual aid agreements, social media in disaster response and recovery, and creating institutional change.

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