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CONVERGE Webinar Series

CONVERGE is a new National Science Foundation Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NSF-NHERI) resource headquartered at the Natural Hazards Center. CONVERGE is dedicated to linking social science, engineering, natural science, and interdisciplinary research communities to encourage knowledge breakthroughs and applications that reduce vulnerability and enhance societal well-being.

The CONVERGE Webinar Series will feature updates regarding new projects and initiatives relevant to various research communities. Please join us!

Strength in Numbers:
The Social Science Extreme Events Research (SSEER) Network Map and Census

Webinar Information
Date: Tuesday, February 5
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. MST
Registration Information: Register Online Here

Please note that a unique link to join the webinar will be issued upon registration, so each participant will need to register individually.

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Please join us for this free webinar where we will release the results of the 2018 census of the social science hazards and disaster research community. This is a first attempt to generate a comprehensive portrait of social science hazards and disaster researchers. The data collected includes each researchers’ disciplinary training, organizational affiliation, types of hazards and disasters they study, and their methodological expertise, among other information. This webinar will feature a demo of the Social Science Extreme Events Research (SSEER) interactive map, which includes the names, organizational affiliations, and geographic locations of the 683 researchers who signed up for SSEER in 2018.

The webinar is limited to 500 participants, so please register soon! If you cannot attend, the webinar will be recorded and made available via this webpage at a later date.


Lori Peek, Director, Natural Hazards Center and Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder; Principal Investigator, CONVERGE

Mason Mathews, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder

Haorui Wu, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder


If you have questions about this webinar series or the CONVERGE project, please contact us at converge@colorado.edu.