Disaster Preparedness Toolkit: Tools for Homeless Service Providers and Disaster Professionals
When disaster strikes, the most vulnerable members of communities often suffer disproportionately. This is especially true for the homeless, many of whom live in areas susceptible to disaster. To help alleviate this harm, the Veterans Emergency Management Evaluation Center has created a collection of tools and information to help increase collaborations between disaster professionals and those who provide services to the homeless. The toolkit offers guidance on forming partnerships, maintaining service continuity, and providing health care at all stages of disaster.

Floodplain Buyout Action Guide
Floodplain buyouts can be a great tool to build disaster resilience and aid recovery, but they also pose problems related to displacement and other social concerns. This guide from the Environmental Law Institute at the University of North Carolina uses case studies to provide practical approaches for local officials attempting to institute floodplain buyouts in their neighborhoods.

Public Health Law News Fifty Nifty
Even if you’re already a fan of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s handy Public Health Law newsletter, you’ll want to dive deeper into this feature that curates topical information related to health law from each of the 50 states. Whether you need to check in on your own region or keep up with your neighbor, this collection is nifty for sure!

NIST Disaster Resilience Research Grant Awards
The National Institute of Standards and Technology has announced 12 winners of its resilience research grant program aimed at advancing resilient infrastructure, building codes and standards, and measurement technologies. From alleviating coastal inundation to enhancing reinforced concrete buildings, you’ll want to take a look at the innovations that could be in our future.

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