Cybersecurity Framework 1.1
Nearly daily news reports of significant data breaches should be enough to convince businesses large and small to pay close attention to cybersecurity. Luckily the National Institute of Standards and Technology has recently updated its framework to help. The latest version includes updates on authentication, assessing risk, cybersecurity in the supply chain, and vulnerability disclosures.

Home Buyout Programs: Recommendations for Policy and Practice
Home buyout programs, which are meant to assist people living at risk of repeated disaster relocate, can have negative effects on those they’re meant to help. This report looks at how the design and implementation of buyout programs plays a role in those effects and offers recommendations to address residents’ concerns.

Emergency Alert and Warning Systems
In an ever-changing world of technology, the ways that we receive emergency alert and warnings are in flux. This National Academies report looks at past warning research and the gaps in our current knowledge about use to set a research agenda for ways to improve our national warning systems.

How Communities Are Becoming Flood Ready
In recognition of National Infrastructure Week, The Pew Charitable Trust has highlighted four stories of communities working to become more resilient to flooding. Learn what mayors in Kansas City, Baton Rouge, Wilmington, and Fort Collins are doing to keep their cities and citizens safe from the next flood.

How Natural Disasters Can Influence Reproductive Health and Fertility
The effects of extreme events and disasters on reproductive health have important implications for women and families but don’t often receive attention from policy makers. This article by the Natural Hazards Center’s Simone Domingue discusses how disasters influence fertility and explores the understudied connections between fertility and disaster recovery in the context of social inequality.

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