Communicating About Asteroid Impact Warnings and Mitigation Plans
While Hollywood seems to have a pretty good idea about how an asteroid hurtling toward earth would be announced, the people actually responsible for issuing such warnings are still working it out. This report is the result of a workshop where experts gathered to discuss near-earth object (NEO) risk communication. Recommendations include strategies for creating a strong, credible network for information dissemination and a workable scale that allows non-experts to understand NEO risk.

Community Disaster Recovery and Resiliency
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recently brought together a panel of experts (including our director, Kathleen Tierney) to discuss a number of elements that can lead to ensuring communities are resilient and able to recover from disasters. This video archives that live event and includes presentations on the reinsurance industry and Greensburg, Kansas.

Disaster Preparedness for Seniors by Seniors
There are plenty of resources aimed at getting senior citizens prepared for disasters—but this one is written by people who have been there. The American Red Cross collected suggestions from a dozen seniors caught in a New York ice storm in this guide that includes checklists, preparedness tips, and what to do if you have to shelter in place.

Model EMS Clinical Guidelines
The National Association of State EMS Officials has compiled this collection of evidenced-based and consensus-based practices to assist EMS organizations in delivering enhanced patient care, increasing safety, and promoting positive outcomes. While adoption of the guidelines are optional, it was created with the intent of standardizing EMS care at the state level.

Disasters at Data.Gov
Need disaster data? This newly launched site includes disaster data sets, tools, news, and just about any other disaster related information you could put on a Website. The site is meant to be a community effort that increases resilience, so be sure to weigh in with any info you might have, too!