Digital Dialogues: Improving Low-Income Household Recovery
This written discussion, the fourth in the series that has experts weigh in on disaster policy impacts and needed innovations, includes opinions on low-income household recovery from Carlos MartĂ­n, Carolyn Kousky, Lori Peek and Jennifer Tobin, Alessandra Jerolleman, and many more.

GAO Report: Environmental Justice
This report examined federal agencies’ plans to address environmental justice issues and found that few are assessing their annual progress. Twenty-four recommendations were issued to guide agencies in better supporting the goal of environmental justice for vulnerable communities.

U.S. Landslide Inventory Map
The U.S. Geological Survey has created a map of potential landslide risks in the United States. The searchable map includes a variety of data on risk-prone locations, but more information is needed before the inventory can be truly comprehensive.

Tribal Preparedness Project
This project contains a variety of resources to help understand how law can be used to enhance public health preparedness for sovereign tribal nations.