A Strategic Vision for Biological Threat Reduction
This National Academies report outlines a five-year strategic plan for the Biological Threat Reduction Program with recommendations for how to optimize its effectiveness and better coordinate with other U.S. health security programs.

Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Toolkit
This toolkit created by Emergency Medical Services for Children provides reports, trainings, practical examples, and websites related to disaster preparedness for children’s health for professionals, parents, and caregivers.

Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools
This website for the REMS Technical Assistance Center has a wealth of webinars, guidance, and training related to emergency planning in schools, including a wide range of resources on COVID-19 and infectious disease planning.

This toolkit from the Impact360 alliance contains 12 tools that will help researchers and practitioners work together to problem solve, integrate evidence-based solutions, and build understanding.

Can You Save the World?
This children’s video game (which is fun for adults too) can help drive home the message of social distancing in times of COVID-19 by maneuvering your avatar through the landscapes without coming into contact with others. Collect masks to donate, grab groceries, and even toilet paper along the way.