Tribal Public Health Resource
This resource offers a list of relevant tribal public health, law, and education information organized in table form. The table is clearly sorted to include epidemiology centers, academic centers, non-profit and public resources, and legal services—with location and contact details for each.

Land Use Planning Approaches in the Wildland-Urban Interface
This analysis of California, Colorado, Montana, and Washington defines key terms and gives an overview, analysis, and future guidance about how communities can employ land use planning strategies to reduce risk in the wildland-urban interface.

Ready Business QuakeSmart Toolkit
This Toolkit helps businesses prepare for and mitigate against the unpredictable impacts of earthquakes by providing resources to protect staff, space, systems, structures, and services.

This resource engages the educational community in the education, preparation, and planning for environmental hazards. While the focus is on rural Colorado schools, the resilience-focused lessons, games, and guides will be useful to educators in many states.

Social Experts Action Network (SEAN)
This National Academies resource connects policymakers with social, behavioral, and economic research to support evidence-based action for local, state, and national governments regarding COVID-19.