Wasatch Front Unreinforced Masonry Risk Reduction Strategy
This Federal Emergency Management Agency resource presents research and strategic planning to mitigate risks associated with Utah’s Wasatch Fault, with an emphasis on addressing the danger that unreinforced masonry buildings pose for highly-populated urban areas of Utah.

For Love of Water
This website advocates for the protection of the Great Lakes by consolidating information public policy, and public trust solutions to address the environmental harm caused by climate change, hydraulic fracturing, wetland destruction, and other threats.

Disaster Justice Network
This network works to mobilize disaster experts, researchers, and community members to implement equitable disaster response and recovery. Organized in the wake of Hurricanes Laura, Delta, and Zeta, the group combines disaster justice principals with community participation to strengthen local resilience.

FEMA Earthquake Mitigation Grant Tracker
This Federal Emergency Management Agency resource offers a comprehensive history of grant allocated for earthquake safety, mitigation, and resilience; including project listings, grant amounts, and the states and regions that have received grants.

This decision support tool created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Hurricane Program provides interactive data, maps, training videos and other information to aid government emergency personnel in planning and preparing for hurricanes.