Wildfire Risk Assessment Tool
The wildfire risk assessment ball can now be in the public’s court—at least in some southern states. That’s thanks to this new tool from the Southern Group of State Foresters. The group, which is made up of foresters from 13 southern states, has crafted interactive maps that allow folks in their state to examine their wildfire risk under extreme conditions. With applications for the public, professionals, and at-risk community planners, there’s a little something for everyone.

Airport Terminal Incident Response Planning
When disaster is afoot, the last thing aviation managers need is to be flying by the seat of their pants. This report by the National Academies Transportation Research Board will serve as a guide for aviation managers in creating terminal incident response plans to better prepare airports for needs such as evacuation, sheltering in place, and overall disaster readiness.

Resilient America
By now that most communities realize they need to be “resilient.” But how does a community become truly learn how to weather the ravages of disaster? The National Research Council now has a program to help. Resilient America is a roundtable program created to help communities determine their risks, understand them, and begin building a culture of resilience. Check out their website to learn more and connect with experts.

The (New) FEMA Flood Map Service Center
Enhanced searches, subscription services, multi-file downloads and all for free? There’s a lot to love about the new and improved Federal Emergency Management Map Service Center. Anyone that needs flood hazard tools—including the public—will be thrilled with the much-easier-to-use site. Check it out and be more resilient to flooding today.

National Preparedness Month Toolkit
National Preparedness Month is nearly upon us and the Federal Emergency Management Agency is ready to help you get your community fired up. This toolkit features a number of ways to help engage people in preparedness, including digital resources for getting the word out, a quick guide for getting involved, and logos and other marketing material.