When Nature Strikes: The Science of Natural Hazards
Whether you’ve been charged with explaining volcanoes to sixth-graders or want to get up to speed on the ins-and-outs of space weather, these short, informative videos are just the thing. Produced by NBC Learn, with the help of the National Science Foundation and the Weather Channel, the When Nature Strikes collections gives an easy-to-understand glimpse of the science behind hazards that range from wildfire and flash floods to earthquakes and hurricanes.

Youth-Led Advocacy for Disaster Risk Reduction: A Guide
When it comes to working to reduce disaster risks, it’s hard to beat the energy and enthusiasm of a community’s youth. Now Y Care International has published a guide to help those working in DRR create and manage advocacy activities for children and youths. The guide offers coded, easy-to-use ideas for key points to consider when planning activities, tips for creating groups and action plans, and series of tasks to take kids from planning to full-scale involvement.

Measuring the State of Disaster Philanthropy
Anyone wondering how disaster donations are spent will appreciate this interactive website that allows users to look at donation data in a number of ways. Visitors can use the site, which was created by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, to see where donations are spent, what types of disasters are funded (including by who and to what degree), and even learn what strategies are best supported. And if that’s not enough great info for you, a companion site allows users to take a similar look from a mapped perspective.

States at Risk: America’s Preparedness Report Card
If you’re wondering where your state stands on preparedness for the ravages of climate change, wonder no more. This new report from Climate Central and ICF International will tell you who’s making the grade—and who’s not—on issues such as drought, extreme heat, wildfires, and floods. A nifty map feature, summary report, and the ability to view findings by threat or state make sure you can get the info you need quickly.

Association of Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Professionals
This newly minted professional organization promises to provide networking, education, and leadership opportunities to professionals in the healthcare emergency preparedness field. Check out their website for resources, job postings, and upcoming events.