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As DR readers, you’ve likely noticed that the Natural Hazards Center has started a variety of ambitious new projects lately.

From the launch of the CONVERGE facility—which includes the equally exciting ISEEER and SSEER platforms—to resources such as the new Disaster Citizen Science Listserv, Hazards and Disaster Journal listings, and an interactive map of disaster research centers in North America, we’ve been steadily growing our offerings. And DR is next!

We’ll be putting DR on an extended hiatus while we determine our next steps. The purpose of DR has always been to keep our readers informed of the latest hazards news, research, and happenings. But much has changed since DR made its debut in 1989—DR has gone from a listserv to a newsletter to a full-fledged publication with original content and reporting. Communication channels have changed emphasis from email to blogs to mobile-based platforms. Social media changes the way audience interact with information almost daily.

Considering the ways in which the Center is changing and the ways in which you get your information is changing, we feel it’s time to cocoon ourselves and begin yet another phase of growth. In the meantime, we hope you keep in touch with us via our website and other communication lists, which you can sign up for online. See you early next year when our metamorphosis is complete!