As we put together our plan for the 2017 Natural Hazards Workshop, we’re reaching out to you to see what you know and what you want to know this year. We hope you’ll take a moment to read further and give us your ideas.

This year our Workshop theme is Knowledge to Action: Reducing Hazards Losses and Promoting Disaster Resilience and we’ll be addressing the paradox of increasing amounts of knowledge about the causes of disasters in contrast with the number of people still negatively affected. To do that, we’ll hold sessions that promote an exchange of ideas about how we can move knowledge into action— in households, in businesses, in the classroom, in communities, and everywhere policy is made and implemented.

If you’d like to weigh in with ideas that highlight strategies and programs with a strong foundation in theory and research or ways in which tangible initiatives are created, funded, implemented, or evaluated, please see this link to learn more about our topic areas and submit your thoughts.

The Workshop will be held July 9-12 in Broomfield, Colorado. We hope to see you there!