Weaving Children’s Rights and Concerns Into Local Government Planning
This toolkit from the Center for Disaster Preparedness will help agency, government, and local stakeholders advocate for the protection and participation of children in planning. It provides tools for understanding the impacts of disasters on children, best practices for increasing their inclusion, and how to identify legal and policy avenues to uphold children’s rights.

Rainfall Induced Landslides in Puerto Rico
A wealth of research, data, and multimedia resources have been created as a result of the more than 70,000 landslides that occurred in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. This U.S. Geological Survey website gathers a variety of information to help residents and others interested in landslide hazards assess their risk and better understand the phenomenon.

The Link
This new engagement platform will work to bridge science research with practice to increase engagement on all levels. The platform, created by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science and the Kavli Foundation, includes information on the science of science communication, building foundational skills, and other resources to help scientists communicate their work.