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In it Together?

Quick Response Research Reveals Community Recovery Isn’t Always Communal

The most recent research from the Quick Response Grant Program looked at three communities on the south coast of Texas a month after Hurricane Harvey struck. They found that while there were ample opportunities to gather together and for many reasons, these locations—at least in the short term—didn't always provide a sense of community for those who met there.


Making HayWired While the Sun Shines

Quake Scenario Creates Opportunities to Build Resilience

By Jolie Breeden

A signifcant earthquake along the Hayward Fault could cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars. But community partnerships to publicize the HayWired Earthquake Scenario could help defray damage.


Webinars, Training, and Education

Sharpen your skills and find new ones with these upcoming learning options:

  • Keeping Kids Safe
  • Catastrophic Dam Failure Incidents

Appreciation for a 1962 Dissertation

Reflections on the Work of Robert Kates

By William Travis

Former Natural Hazards Center Director William Travis reflects on the scholarship of hazards research pioneer and humanitarian scholar Robert Kates, who passed away last month.