Guiding Communities

Colorado Project Is a Roadmap for State-Specific Hazard Planning

Now in its third year, the state’s Planning for Hazards project is setting an example for how to provide communities with the planning tools to address natural hazard risks—and the empowerment to use them.


Russell Dynes

An Incredible Legacy

Russell Dynes, a legendary disaster researcher and pioneer in the field, died earlier this month. A look back at a remarkable career.


Science For a Risky World

A Conversation with Kristin Ludwig and Dave Ramsey

The U.S. Geological Survey has released a strategic plan to help the agency better incorporate risk information into their products. Report coauthors Kristin Ludwig and Dave Ramsey talk about the plan and how it will help on-the-ground users do their work in a risky world.



EERI Team Takes Virtual Reconnaissance in a New Direction

Reconnaissance missions provide valuable lessons that help us learn from disasters. The Virtual Earthquake Reconnaissance Team (VERT) makes sure those missions—and anyone else that can use the information—have what they need to do their work.


Deadline Extended!

Submit your 2019 Workshop Ideas

In light of the lengthy partial government shutdown, we’ve extended the deadline to submit ideas for the 2019 Natural Hazards Workshop so our federal partners—and anyone else that needs extra time—will have time to submit.