Heather Beal

Heather Beal is the owner of Train 4 Safety Press, an independent publishing imprint dedicated to helping keep children safe. Beal was raised to give 100% to every endeavor. Since her earliest experiences in Girl Scouts, and through numerous volunteer events and organizations, she has always sought to make a difference. After graduating college, Beal served the United States with 23 years of distinguished Naval service. Dedicated to self improvement, she obtained masters degrees in Asian studies, conflict resolution, cyber security policy and emergency management while on active duty. She is qualified as an Associate Emergency Manager with the International Association of Emergency Mangers. Beal is currently working on a PhD in Emergency Management with a special study focus on childcare recovery. 

As a working parent of two, she became aware of just how much of a gap existed in emergency preparedness and recovery training and resources for childcare providers and vowed to use her experiences, education, and more importantly, motivation, to help improve current limitations. In addition to publishing books to help teach children about what to do in case of disaster, Beal has also created a nonprofit, BLOCKS. BLOCKS mission is to help prepare childcare providers for disaster. 

You can learn more about her nonprofit efforts at www.blocksusa.org. Please visit www.train4safety.com to learn more about books available to help prepare your little ones for disaster.