Himanshu Grover

University of Washington

Himanshu Grover is an assistant professor in the Department of Urban Design and Planning, University of Washington. He is also the co-director of the Institute for Hazard Mitigation Research and Planning. His research focuses at the intersection of land use planning, community resilience, and climate change. In his research, Grover examines inter-linkages between physical development, socio-economic concerns, and the natural environment. He is specifically interested in climate change management (both mitigation and adaptation strategies), urban infrastructure, and hazard mitigation. 

Grover emphasizes place-based planning policies wherein economic, environmental, and social priorities can be balanced to achieve equitable development and build community resilience. His recent research projects also focus on pro-environmental decision-making, and adaptive planning for urban resilience. Grover is also interested in issues related to social vulnerability, and environmental justice. 

Grover has received numerous grants to support his research interests. More details about his ongoing research are available on his homepage.