Jerry Mitchell

Director and Research Professor

Center of Excellence for Geographic Education, University of South Carolina

Jerry Mitchell is the director of the Center of Excellence for Geographic Education and a research associate professor of geography at the University of South Carolina. He is also a faculty research associate with the Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute. A graduate of Towson University, he earned his bachelor's degree in history in 1991 and an master's in geography and environmental planning in 1993. He received his PhD in geography from the University of South Carolina in 1998, where he returned as a faculty member in 2004. From 1999 through 2004 he was an associate professor of geography at Bloomsburg University. He has authored more than forty peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, with work appearing in the journals Natural Hazards Review, Environmental Hazards, Social Science Quarterly, Cartography and GIS, and the Annals of the Association of American Geographers, among others. He has been the editor of the Journal of Geography since 2010 and is also editor of the Atlas of South Carolina. He was awarded a distinguished teaching achievement award from the National Council for Geographic Education in 2012. He lives in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife and two children.